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IntegrityChecker (icj) Java Release 3.0 FC1 — Looking For Testers

re: IntegrityChecker Java

Considerable effort has gone into this new release.

I am looking for testers for IntegrityChecker (icj) Java version 3.0. It has been well tested already and is solid. However, the new feature set and additional cross-platform support means I’d rather see it tested more before general release. It’s about ease of use, oddball situations and how they are reported, and that sort of thing.

If you’d like to participate in testing (contact Lloyd, specify your login id please), this is what I am looking for:

  • Should be an existing user of ic or icj with current access to downloads.
  • Anyone using IntegrityChecker (ic or icj) in production use.
  • Reasonably technical users (for now), to keep communication more efficient on my end.
  • Users running any version or variant of Linux and/or Microsoft Windows a plus, but I expect mostly macOS users.
  • Users with mixed storage environments including SSDs and hard drives and network servers in which icj is regularly used.

Key new feature: xattr support

The key new feature is extended file attributes (xattrs) in addition to the icjh files, supported on macOS and Linux* (Windows lacks xattrs). This new feature is completely seamless (nothing new to learn).

Hash info is now also stored as extended file attributes in addition to the icjh files.

This comprehensive and unrivalled solution means that all files can be covered, and that hash info travels seamlessly with files that are moved. Even into the cloud (macOS, iCloud and similar). Regrettably, Windows has no support for extended file attributes.

* Linux works well with attributes, but is inferior to macOS in that it has limited intelligence on preserving attributes during file copy or similar.

Other improvements:

  • Tested and working on Ubuntu and Debian Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS.
  • Use of file IDs via xattrs to locate missing files and folders definitively.
  • Improved preferences and settings for more control over status reporting and errors reporting.
  • New info and sync commands.
  • Memory usage reduced by up to 10X.
  • Improved summary output.
  • Improved scanning speed (somewhat balanced-out by support for xattrs).
  • Both Windows and Linux now open prefs files and help files automatically just as on macOS.
  • Numerous improvement, code overhaul, bug fixes for various special situation.
  • Support for the latest version of Java 18 (requires Java 16 or later).
# icj 3.0fc1 2022-09-09 14:00
# (c)2022 DIGLLOYD INC. All Rights Reserved. Valid license required.
# 2022-09-09 15:57:49 USER=lloyd HOME=/Users/lloyd OS=macOS i386 12.5.1 JAVA=

Available commands: verify verify hash values options: --optimize=HDD|SSD --threads=num --iterations=num
status summarize files that are new, or of changed size or date options: --ignored
update update new and date/size changed files, forget missing items options: --save=prompt|yes|no --hmode=icjh|both --optimize=HDD|SSD --threads=num
update-all update hash values for all files, whether or not they already have hashes options: --save=prompt|yes|no --hmode=icjh|both --optimize=HDD|SSD --threads=num
update-new update only files lacking hash values options: --save=prompt|yes|no --hmode=icjh|both --optimize=HDD|SSD --threads=num
sync syncs hash info to com.diglloyd.icj.HashInfo file attribute options: --kind=all|missing|existing --save=prompt|yes|no
clean remove hash data files and/or remove file/folder extended attributes options: --kind=ic|icj|icjh|all|attr
compare compares two folders for equality
dupes show duplicate files, emit remove or cloning commands options: --size=size --types=type[,type]* --emit=rm|clone|symlink|nop
empty show empty files
info show any combination of empty, non-writable, size/distribution, hard links, dates options: --kind=all|empty|nowrite|dist|hard|dates
prefs open preferences eg open ~/.icj_prefs
matches show globbing matches options: --kind=all|files|folders|hier|attr
sha test hashing speed options: --size=size --repeat=num --sha=SHA-512|SHA1
version display the version and other information
help show help summary, or show help for specific command eg 'help verify'
Options that apply to more than one command: --optimize HDD|SSD --threads num --purge # unix only, requires sudo --attr enable extended attribute usage if available --noattr disable extended attribute usage --output normal|verbose|debug|terse
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