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Apple Studio Display: the Technological Dumpster Fire that Crashes Just Like iOS and macOS, and Bricks Itself

re: Apple Studio Display

Opening up the shiny new Apple Studio Display, it worked fine right out of the box, meaning it synced up. Well, sort of—the default resolution was an inappropriate scaled 1920 X 1080 for its 5120 X 2880 pixels. But it could be changed to 2560 X 1440 for 2:1 scaling, its ideal resolution, same as an iMac 5K.

So it had some issues but was basically working OK. As shown below, I had it set up and working.

Apple Studio Display and two others in extended desktop mode

Below, poor choice of scaling as the default. But see next screen shot.

Apple Studio Display: setting the optimal 2:1 scaling
Apple Studio Display: setting the optimal 2:1 scaling

Apple Core Rot has been a musty background odor for years now, an expired rat decomposing between the sheet rock. The last thing I need is a display that is a flaky computer. Just the display functionality for me, please. I don’t need an M1 chip in my display running some flaky version of iOS.

Brickware update for Apple Studio Display

Apple Studio Display What’s new in firmware updates for Apple Studio Display... since when does a display need “stability improvements”?

Presumably the coin-operated reviewers out there all have zero problems. An implicit requirement for all aspiring for review gear in the future. Standard industry practice.

Woe to the user who dares update the firmware!

After the firmware update the Studio Display is now bricked. No number of restarts can cause it to be recognized by the 2019 Mac Pro. Back into its box to be returned to the research lab from whence it came.

Technological design regression: a display that crashes

0, PRSM_ST_PANIC - Misc(2)
ASSERTION FAILED: target/j327/psu_standby.cpp:265
RTKit: RTKit_iOS-1827.102.1.release - Client: AppleSMCFirmware-2796.102.2.j327.REL
!UUID: 85deddef-7504-3596-83c7-2cd593c30d09
Time: 0x00000006899f24c5

Below, after the firmware update and its associated display OS crash: no more Apple Studio Display, no matter how many restarts.

UPDATE: I was able to connect the display to the 2019 iMac 5K and have it sync up. Why won’t it work on the 2019 Mac Pro? Maybe it’s the same old display sync bugs I’ve dealt with for years now?

But it gets worse: having this shiny Apple turd even connected results in display sync screwed up for one of the working displays, speckles all over another, bootup hangs... nice work Apple! What a $&#$&$#& clown show.

Apple Studio Display —  AWOL

The Apple Studio Display is a science fair project unfit for prime time. No professional in their right mind should even consider it for at least some months until Apple gets their act together. And what happens if you get it working, and then some future firmware update bricks it as described here... rush out and buy a replacement? And what if it is prone to crashes in everyday use, even if it shows up and syncs properly?

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