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Why Use IntegrityChecker Java for Data Integrity?

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re: data integrity
re: IntegrityChecker Java

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How can you know that your data on your SSD/hard drive/optical disk/network/etc is still good, today or a year or 10 years from now?

Whether from bit rot or software bugs or bad memory or malware.

There is no way to know unless you use a tool that can can check for you. And that means a tool used in advance to store hashes that can be checked at any future time.

It’s not enough to check a backup after it's made (say, via a 'diff') because a year from now things could have gone sour.

Data integrity is no small issues for professionals. Or for those whose digital work has economic value (photos, videos, and many other things), and even for family photos. One goofy problem and a lot of stuff can go "poof!" and how would you detect it, except by chance? And even if nothing has been whacked, the peace of mind matters. As does not wiping out all your backups with corrupted copies, should you fail to detect damage in time.

Cross-platform IntegrityChecker Java

Get diglloydTools with IntegrityChecker Java. Corporate and site licenses available.

DiglloydTools IntegrityChecker Java is the fastest and easiest way to validate the integrity of your data:

  • Mac or Windows or Linux or any platform that can run Java (just about everything).
  • Validate data on any file system or device supported by Java.
  • Validate date on read-write or read-only, hard disk or SSD or WORM or optical, everything/anything with a file system supported within Java.
  • Bulletproof hashing—SHA-512.
  • Switch from Mac to PC or vice-versa? No problem!

Future proof

Built to run today, next year, and a decade from now.

Today’s IntegrityChecker should run without modification a decade from how, so long as you have Java, because unlike Apple removing/changing APIs on a whim, Java APIs have been compatible forever, and will remain so.

Blazingly fast

Hashes SHA-512 at 13000MB/sec (13GB/sec) on 28-core Mac Pro. Typical speeds on 8-core machines like iMac 5K and MacBook Pro are in the range of 3GB/sec and faster—as fast as th internal SSD can go. Speed is usually limited by the speed of the drive, not CPU power.

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