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Designed for the most demanding needs of photographers and videographers.
The fastest, toughest, and most compatible portable SSD ever with speeds up to 2800MB/s.

OWC Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 SSD

OWC Envoy Pro Thunderbolt 3

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The about $1698 OWC Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 2TB SSD is a bus-powered travel friendly SSD with very high performance.

Key differentiating factors from its OWC Thunderblade 4 SSD sibling:

  • The OWC Envoy Pro EX operates on bus power—no need to plug in a “wall wart”. This has the downside that must be the last device in a Thunderbolt chain, but it’s a much friendlier approach for travel with a laptop.
  • The OWC Envoy Pro EX is very fast, but it is not the no-holds-barred performer that its OWC Thunderblade 4 sibling is, particularly for writes.
  • Substantially smaller and lighter than its OWC Thunderblade 4 sibling; can fit into large pocket, though it is not svelte as with its Envoy Pro EX cousin.
  • Claimed speed of 2600 MB/sec reads, 1600 MB/sec writes.

Most users will find the three above factors compelling if any sort of travel is involved.

OWC Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 2.0TB External Solid-state Drive

Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 is the extreme performance portable SSD that works as fast as you do.

Super fast, portable, bus-powered and bootable, all at the phenomenal speed of Thunderbolt 3 — up to 40 Gbps. Rugged, stylish, and compact, Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 delivers professional-grade portable SSD performance, wherever you are. And with an integrated cable, it's the perfect package to match your Thunderbolt 3 workflow on site, on set, or in the wilderness.

Faster than anything before

The phenomenal new Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 is fast, capable of a total bandwidth of 40Gb/s and a sustained data rate up to 2600MB/s. The secret is the perfect combination of phenomenal bandwidth offered by the Thunderbolt 3 interface and ultra high-performance single-blade M.2 SSD, wrapped up in the rugged, stylish Envoy Pro EX enclosure. Now you can work in real-time with the most I/O heavy transfer tasks like working directly with multistream video.

Tough enough to keep up

A portable drive isn't much good if it can't handle what you throw at it. Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 excels at keeping on keeping on. Fully bus powered, and with no moving parts, it's already light years ahead of the competition. Add into the equation MIL-STD-810G drop test compliance, and you've got a true portable powerhouse that won't let you down on the road.

It's the drive you need

Whether you need a high-performance project drive to edit dailies on set, or a perfect, portable boot drive, Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 has you covered, doing double duty as both. Designed for details, it always runs cool and quiet, and looks great in matte black. And with the integrated Thunderbolt 3 cable, you're always ready to go. Available in multiple capacities, there's an Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 designed to suit your portable Thunderbolt 3 workflow.

OWC's extreme performance ThunderBlade V4 might just be the ultimate working drive for media professionals. In terms of pure transfer speed, ThunderBlade V4 is the fastest external drive we've ever made.

OWC Envoy Pro Thunderbolt 3
OWC Envoy Pro Thunderbolt 3, cable end
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