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Apple Core Rot: Networking Problems (NFS, Failure to Copy Files, More)

Just yesterday I observed a nasty networking bug in macOS Sierra: the Finder completed the copy of one folder witih one file and one subfolder (a Lightroom catalog folder), but failed to copy a critical file (a Lightroom catalog file)—nasty bug there. I have seen that before (prior to Sierra) and it is deeply disturbing and why using Integrity Checker is a smart move. I had to try again—and then it worked.

Other bugs include:

  • MacOS Sierra wants to mount my Scratch volume as read-only on my other Macs, even though I connect and login as myself. This never happened in prior OS versions. I am forced to use Ignore permissions on this volume to work around the problem.
  • Large copies with many files using the Finder fail almost all of the time with errors about the file already existing. They never fail using 'cp' at the command line. Such a basic function—and it cannot be used.

Nigel S writes:

I discovered your blog posts on "Apple Core Rot" awhile back after having experienced some of these issues for myself. Since recently "upgrading" to Sierra, I believe I've run into an issue you've yet to document on your site, this one regarding NFS permissions.

Where I work we use a Vagrant/VirtualBox VM for local web development. Part of this environment is the "shared folder" that is mounted in the VM from the host machine. In order to avoid a major performance loss with web apps on the share, it is necessary to use NFS with file system caching enabled. With the upgrade to Sierra, it is now impossible to modify or delete many files from inside the guest VM below the root of the share. Use of bindfs or chmod from the guest have no effect whatsoever. The only workaround is to delete the file from the host or run a command to refresh all NFS links.

Needless to say, this is a major barrier to productivity as even a simple compile of CSS to Sass fails with a permission denied error. More details about the issue on the Vagrant project here: According to the most recent comment there, an issue has been filed with Apple for months with no action taken. Of course, one of the reasons we use Apple hardware and software in the first place is because shared folders have a whole different set of permission issues on Windows! Just another example that suggests Apple is no longer interested in supporting developer users of their platform. Thank you for continuing to document this unfortunate trend.

MPG: the lack of attention to detail these days at Apple QA should be deeply disturbing to anyone using the macOS platform for work.

In my experience, Apple takes weeks to months to even look at a bug report, let alone do anything about it. The bugs I have filed have been ignored, nothing done. I‘ve given up wasting my time with Apple bug reporter; there is no adult in charge from what I can tell.

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