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JPEG Batch Output in Photoshop and Lightroom: Rainbow-Beachball Hang Requiring Force Quit

Update: Adobe says:

Known issue. Will be fixed in update coming out next week.
Roll back to prior update of Lightroom 2015.1.1 until then.

Recently I tried batch-outputting from RAW to JPEG using Photoshop CC 2015. The export hangs with a rainbow-beachball 100% of the time, requiring a force quit of Photoshop.

Photoshop CC 2015 hangs immediately,
while batch converting raw to JPEG

I reported the issue to Adobe a few days ago. Today a consulting client of mine reported that he is seeing his Mac Pro hang with exactly the same type of issue, and in both Photoshop and Lightroom CC 2015:

However, I have noticed that downgrading to "LRCC2015 Camera Raw 9.0" works. Just exported 93 JPEGs (from a Canon 6D) smoothly, whereas the same 93 images hung the newest version of LR several times in a row.

The same 93 JPEGs also hung PSCC2015 (newest version) when exporting via CameraRaw dialog, but downgrading to "PhotoshopCC2015.0.0 Camera Raw 8" got the job done no problem.

So it doesn't seem to be Camera Raw 9, it DOES seem to be something in the newest CC releases of LR and PS.

This rules out anything on my system; same hang when batch-exporting to JPEG from raw files.

The bug presumably is in the ACR engine, which is shared by Photoshop and Lightroom. Strangely, Photoshop CC 2014 also hangs, so it may be an OS X El Capitan problem. Or it may be that the same bug was inserted into the ACR engine for Photoshop CC 2014.

Jerry Y writes:

I have had the same problem with lightroom 6.2.1 stand alone version on Yosemite. It worked for two selected files but no more. Solved by downgrading to 6.0.

MPG: good confirmation.

Andre writes:

This is not an inquiry, but just venting and commiseration.

The latest Lightroom CC is the most god-awful piece of crap software I have used from Adobe, and perhaps ever for anything I actually paid money for. The product manager and QA manager should be fired for letting this dog escape from their offices.

Even if you could put up with their new, wrong-headed import dialog design, it doesn't work reliably. On OS X Yosemite on a fully-upgraded Mac Mini 2012, more than half the time, it refuses to import my D810 RAW files, saying there are no photos to import! It feels like stepping on eggshells any time I try to import images, and the import worked perfectly reliably in the immediate previous version of LR CC 2015, before the new import dialog.

Of course, one solution is to downgrade to the previous version, but because of the equally craptacular design and engineering of the CC manager software, I can only do this on one machine. For some reason, if you have an off-the-shelf copy of LR installed (from before I subscribed to CC), the installer will not let you downgrade to the previous version of LR CC2015.

So one machine now has the last functional copy of LR CC 2015, while the other is stuck with the latest copy of LR with its dysfunctional import dialog and a copy of LR5, which can't read the latest catalog.

Wasn't the whole point of LR to give photographers something that was easy to use and transparent to their workflow? It was a revelation when it came out, but now it's larded with stupid design decisions and half-baked features.

MPG might or might not agree with any particular reader comments/claims/statements, but unsolicited and unedited reader comments capture the pulse of what’s out there. The frustration is evident, and from MPG point of view, it is analogous to Apple Core Rot—users with real work to do can’t stand such issues.

Perhaps software vendors should proactively offer a notification email list for outstanding and pending bugs and their resolutions/fixes. It might save users a lot of time and aggravation in tracking down issues that are actually known bugs.

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