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Apple Core Rot now featured in App Store : OS X Cannot Update Itself Properly

Apple Core Rot now extends its tentacles into the OS X software updater: if the software update mechanism itself is unreliable, can anything else be trusted?

The Mac Pro updated OK, but multiple reboots have my MacBook Pro insisting there is a 10.11.1 software update to be installed, but it has already been installed, as the App Store itself states and confirms. Rebooting several times results in the same problem. How can this sort of bug ever make it into public release? Does Apple bother to test anything any more? Bug after bug with every update. Things do not get better; they get worse with each update.

Update: a complete reinstall of El Capitan resolved the misbehavior (install over existing system without erasing, so data stays intact).

Install 10.11.1? Already installed!
Apple Mail: draft count of -1
in OS X El Capitan 10.11.1

El Crapitan brings with it numerous new bugs in Apple Mail, including vaporizing the contents of all my VIP list entries (still broken), breakage of email search in various ways, multi-second search lags, failure to recognize the same email if a person’s name changes slightly (e.g. Larry vs Lawrence), and more. All still broken in 10.11.1. The general gets worse in 10.11.1, which brings yet another bug, as can be see here: there are -1 email drafts now!

El Crapitan is the worst OS X release ever in spite of Tim Cook’s misleading claims that is would fix bugs (or maybe he meant fix one bug and add two?). Software quality is declining at an accelerating pace, with poorly-tested alpha-quality garbage foisted on users on a calendar schedule. But we have new Emoji! That about says it all as for the puerile priorites at Apple. There is a leadership problem at Apple.

I feel no loyalty to Apple any more and yet I hang on, with Apple still the least crappy company to deal with. Yet I'm disgusted with the lack of respect for my time and data, the willful and wanton destruction of usability, the clear disdain and contempt for professional users. If a loyal 30-year Mac user like myself is now unhappy, what does that say about future customer loyalty and Apple’s prospects? Maybe not a lot. Maybe it is all iPhone now and Macs don’t matter any more? But Apple is not likely to dominate the phone market for very many years.

Peter S writes:

Exactly the same problems in installation of El Capitan latest fix. It does not work. My late model 2009 imac hangs on startup 60% through progress bar. This is no good as it takes a total reinstall and it works only once,until you switch off …then have to do total reinstall. Frustrating to say the least.

MPG: Other reports of issues also.

Yosuke M writes:

Just wanted to share some more Apple Core Rot I am experiencing. iCloud authentication broke this morning on the Mac (still works on iOS and though).

Biggest issue with this - my MacBook Air’s user account password is using iCloud password for authentication. Which means that I can’t log into my MacBook!!!

Phone support with Apple says they’ve acknowledged this issue with the 10.11.1 update. Holding tight for a fix…

PS - Have been enjoying your site for a long time. Keep up the good work!

MPG: Trust the Cloud for nothing is MPG’s recommendation.

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