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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB
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USB-C Travel Dock

Fast charging with up to 100W!

HDMI, SD card reader,
USB-C port, 2 USB Type-A ports
Built-in cable self-stores neatly.
See also OWC 14-port Thunderbolt 3 Dock"

Don’t Get Phished by Ashley Madison Scams!

For those who have been living in a cave, is an adultery website. Its database or 40 million or so customers was stolen by hackers and has been posted online.

See also security topics, particularly All your passwords at risk with OS X and iOS, and Apple Sits on the Problem.

The riskiness of using the Cloud or messaging or things like that for adultery (are people really that stupid, yup) should be obvious to any non-unconscious person. And there are undesirable side effects when (not if) security is cracked, like the death penalty for adultery in some countries, or fodder for a divorce lawyer. The foregoing is true of ALL cloud services: Apple, Google, etc. They will all be compromised: it is “when”, not “if”.

It’s a low state to want the 'dirt', but most people do

Of course plenty of people want to find out if that person they know has been cheating. But what if you get an email purporting to help you check it out, and that email is a phishing scam which might ultimately empty your bank account or turn your computer into a 'bot'?


Do you really want to open this payload by clicking on the link from

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Don’t be phished by Ashley Madison email scams!
OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock
Ideal for any Mac with Thunderbolt 3

Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports
Gigabit Ethernet
5K and 4K display support plus Mini Display Port
Analog sound in/out and Optical sound out

Works on any Mac with Thunderbolt 3
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Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera Body with Accessories Kit
$2998 $2498
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