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Reader Questions on SoftRAID

Fr.Damian writes:

These would apply to those who have not upgraded to the 2013 MacPro and are still using previous models.

1.) Can I configure all four of my drives as RAID5 internally with SoftRAID?

2.) Will/can I still get the same performance as you are getting with the Thunderbay & SoftRAID solution on a 2013 MacPro when using a RAID5 config inside a pre 2013 MacPro?

3.) Is it possible to connect a Thunderbay to a Pre 2013 MacPro?

4.) I am currently using v.4 30day trial and most likely will purchase it soon (of course mentioning you when purchasing).

You are testing using v.5. Why don't I see any mention of v.5 on their website?
(UPDATE: I was sent a link to v.5 from tech support to use as a beta AND
they did confirm that anyone purchasing now will get a free upgrade to v5)

I just wanted to point out how Absolutely Amazing SoftRAID's tech support has been over the past week. I just sent them a question about a small issue when running one of their tests in v4 and I can't believe how seriously they took it and to the degree they have responded. I've never seen anything like this! And I have many, many hours of tech support experience with many companies.

MPG: Taking in turn—

(1) and (2) SoftRAID works with just about anything for RAID-5, old or new. But MPG would not recommend Firewire or USB3 multi cables for RAID-5.

Internal drives in an older Mac Pro are ideal (as is Thunderbolt). Bandwidth has its limits on the older Mac Pro, to about ~650 MB/sec across all SATA busses. Plenty of speed, but less than Thunderbolt v1. But it will only matter (and only a litte) with very fast hard drives.

(3) Older Mac Pros cannot use Thunderbolt hence no Thunderbay. But the OWC Mercury Elite Pro QX2 can be used via eSATA.

(4) Questions about SoftRAID release cycle and so on need to be directed to there.

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