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Apple Cheats on AppleCare Term

Bill writes:

Received my new Mac Pro from B&H last week. Everything works great and I’m beginning the process of transferring over from my Windows PC.

When I ordered my Mac Pro from B&H I also ordered AppleCare. The problem is that Apple started the 3-year AppleCare clock on the day I pre-ordered which was Dec 19, 2013. The unit did not ship until Jan 17, 2014. I actually received it on Jan 22, 2014.

My AppleCare "Welcome Kit” was emailed directly to me from Apple and indicated a Dec 19, 2016 Coverage Period End Date. Basically, I lost an entire MONTH of coverage.

I contacted B&H about the issue and they suggested I contact Apple to get the start date corrected. I spoke with an Apple technical support person on the phone and he agreed that the date should be changed but, he said only Customer Service could do that. He put me on hold, spoke with customer service, came back and apologized. He was told that AppleCare ALWAYS starts on the order date. That’s Apple policy and cannot be changed. Have a nice day.

I called B&H Customer Service back and told them what Apple told me. B&H said they would handle it... and they did! My AppleCare agreement now shows a Coverage Period End Date of Jan 18, 2017.

You can check AppleCare status here:

Please advise your readers to contact B&H if their AppleCare start date on their new Mac Pro is incorrect. Kudos to B&H for OUTSTANDING customer support!

MPG: Yes, kudos to B&H for getting it fixed. And note that B&H is an authorized Apple dealer and will save you a good margin on Applecare over the Apple price.

I experienced a similar issue, but I ordered directly from Apple. I received my MacBook Pro with Retina display on Dec 31, having ordered it on Dec 24; it was shipped on Dec 27. The AppleCare term as per Apple expires on Dec 27, 2016. It’s only a loss of four days (ambiguous, “expires” means that day at 00:00 or does it include that day?). Anyway, the warranty term should start upon delivery, not upon shipment.

Isn’t it obvious that a computer shipped from Shanghai, China cannot be delivered to the USA the same day? How can a warranty even start if the user has not yet obtained the product? This is not an honest way to do business. If it’s Apple policy, it sounds like fodder for a class action lawsuit. It stinks in any case.

There is no reason that products shipped from Apple cannot apply the delivery date as the start date of the warranty.

The B&H case is much more troublesome (pre-order date). That Apple would not adjust when the date of delivery can be demonstrated is dishonest at best.

AppleCare term starts when shipped (or when pre-ordered), not when delivered
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