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2013 Mac Pro: Keyboard and Mouse Sold Separately

See discussion of the 2013 Mac Pro design and also price concerns.

Keyboard and mouse sold separately

How do you raise margins? Advertise a bait-and-switch price, then charge for items that are essential. Put it into the fine print, and charge $100 or more for the “optional” sold-separately items. It’s only 11 cents per day over a 3 year lifespan after all.

That’s one way to look at it. The other way is that users win: the tiny percentage of users who don’t have a failed mouse (I buy 2-3 new ones every year) and do have a working keyboard can save a little.

It’s our premium model. Do you want tires with that new car folks?

The existing Mac Pro ships with a keyboard and mouse; the 2013 Mac Pro makes the keyboard and mouse “extras”. Which means $2999 really means $3099 or a little more.

Only the MacMini ships without keyboard and mouse (laptops have a keyboard and trackpad), and there is some reason for that (headless server applications). Taking Apple’s side, maybe the 2013 Mac Pro qualifies for the same reasons. Maybe. Seems dubious to me.

Well, at least Apple doesn’t charge extra for the power cord or the box it ships in. :;

Update: several readers pointed out one aspect: the keyboard and mouse are larger than the computer and thus will not fit into the box. Also, those items are made in China and the Mac Pro is made in the USA.

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