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Reader Comment: Hard Drive Warranty

Russell F writes:

Nothing lasts forever, especially hard drives, backups a must.

My recent experience is with a WD Enterprise 3TB hard drive (advertised as a 5yr warranty), price premium to go along with it. I purchased it from Newegg in 02/2013 and it has failed, I contacted WD and I put my SN in the (check on warranty) and there is no warranty on this drive. I called WD and they said it is an OEM drive and Newegg should not be selling these to the public, and they are only for OEM builders like HP or Dell etc…

So I call Newegg and they say WD is trying to wiggle out of the warranty. I have 4 other WD Enterprise drives and have had zero issues.

So I ask, when you buy your hard drives whom do you buy from? How do you know you will be buying a drive with a warranty etc ….

MPG: Buy from companies that stand behind what they sell. Value is much more than saving five bucks here and there from a shovel and ship warehouse.

I buy my drives from OWC. OWC also has a 90-day DOA replacement guarantee. That to me says a lot about their committment to what they sell.

As for hard drive warranties, typically you get a refurbished drive after 6-8 weeks of downtime—totally useless for any RAID setup or even non-RAID: who can wait that long for a replacement? Always have a spare on hand when using RAID so you can get right back into working order.

As for NewEgg, I gave up on rotten eggs years ago after a stinky experience. I won’t touch them ever again as they add zero value to what they are selling. I don’t want to spend my money encouraging such modes of operation. We all vote with our money every time we buy something.

OWC’s comment, from OWC Larry

Quoted from an email response to my inquiry on this matter.

Fake processors or OEM drives can be blended into inventory in some internet situations. We don't buy like that or ever blend integration drives (with no enduser factory warranty) into our normal sale stock.

Any warranty we advertise, we stand behind.

The last major hiccup we had was in 2012 with some Seagate drives... they had gone down to that 1yr warranty... after 7/2/2012 - they went back up to a 2yr. A distributor misrepresented or just mis-tracked it and a mix of some of the product we got the beginning of August shipment was 1yr product instead of 2 year. When we figured it out - we dealt with the authorized ST distributor and set up policy to cover any customer encountering warranty issue after the 1yr.

Bottom line is that if we say it has X year warranty - we're covering that. Been like that forever. There are limits to what we can do in some cases... we sold XLR8 upgrades way back when... but when they folded, we took on and covered warranty to customers who bought from us for up to 1 year total from original OWC sale date to customer + 30 days within XLR8's shutdown for any within warranty.

We try to go above and beyond to do the right thing.... in all circumstances.

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