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2013 Apple Mac Pro: Cables and Rotating Chassis

2013 Apple Mac Pro

Peter L writes:

Am I correct that the expectation is to rotate the cylinder 180 degrees every time to access the ports & make connections?

Unclear what happens to twisted cables doing that. :)

Imagine 10 cables plugged into the back, then rotating the cylinder back & forth - would you be concerned about the security of the connections, strain on cables, plugs, etc?

MPG: From my reading, the answer is that yes— a good way to damage the cables or “hot unplug” things by accident. So I would make it a point to NOT rotate the chassis.

Having had various cable issues over the years, if this is the actual design, then it shows a severe disconnect from reality over in some dark room at Apple.

Michael L writes:

Only a single overly expensive internal SSD with any external connectivity adding hundreds to the cost (except the Thunderbolt to FW800 connector, what a joke).

Assuming Apple has set up 6 independent Thunderbolt controller/ports (not shared or daisy chained), I priced out the octopus of accessories to get eSATA, Fibre Channel and PCIe connectivity. Right now, you'd spend anywhere from $1400 to $1800 on a collection of peripherals to provide that connectivity, on top of the MacPro itself. So figure that any "enterprise" MacPro environment is looking at spending an additional $1500 per workstation to have the exact same options they have today, in the now defunct MacPro tower. Since we know Apple won't price this thing with that in mind, I'm seeing an out-of-the-gate failure along the lines of the Apple Cube or 20th Anniversary Mac. Overpriced, under configured, but this time there isn't a good option available from Apple to buy instead. Apple hasn't cared about professional/enterprise use in years now, but now they've gone and rubbed that disconnect in our faces. Innovate? My Ass.

This device will appeal to a very small subset of Pro users - and some folks who have too much money, but it's not a replacement workstation.

MPG: I think there are actually dual internal SSD connectors, though I’m not certain. And yes, extra cost is a certainty.

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