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Will a New Mac Pro Support 4K Displays?

A “4K” display is one that is 3840 pixels across, generally something like 3840 X 2160. For context:

2560 X 1600 = 4.1 megapixels — 30-inch display, eg NEC PA301W (what I use daily)

2880 X 1800 = 5.0 megapixels — MacBook Pro Retina display, effectively half that for text that can be seen by normal vision.

3840 X 2160 = 8.3 megapixels — ASUS PQ321 4K IGZO display

Which leads me to my question: will there be a new Mac Pro, and if so will it have a video card that supports a 4K display natively? reports on the new ASUS PQ321 4K IGZO display and how it is not yet fully supported by OS X (scaled). And with modest performance from the GPU on the Macbook Pro Retina. But this could all change shortly at Apple’s WWDC.

Description from Asus

My main concern is the pixel density. The display has 50% more pixels across than my NEC PA301W, but it is only 1.5 inches larger (diagonally), which means that pixel density is getting quite small for text. Color calibration is also a concern.

31.5-inch 4K Ultra HD Monitor features four-times the resolution of a Full HD display for incredibly detailed and lifelike images


ASUS today announced the PQ321 True 4K UHD Monitor, a desktop display with a stunning Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution that’s equivalent to four Full HD displays stacked side-by-side. The PQ321 has a 31.5-inch LED-backlit 4K Ultra HD display (140 pixels-per-inch) with 16:9 aspect ratio, and supports 10-bit RGB ‘deep color’ for vibrant images with more natural transitions between hues.

Cutting-edge IGZO panel technology

The ASUS PQ321 True 4K UHD Monitor uses cutting-edge Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) rather than traditional amorphous silicon for the active layer of its LCD panel. IGZO panels support much smaller transistors than amorphous silicon, which in turn gives much smaller pixels and the 3840 x 2160 resolution of the PQ321 is four times that of a 1920 x 1080 Full HD display.

176-degree wide viewing angles on both vertical and horizontal planes minimize onscreen color shift, while the 350cd/m² brightness rating and 8ms gray-to-gray response time ensure smooth, bright, and vibrant moving visuals. IGZO technology also gives reduced energy consumption compared to amorphous silicon and reduces bulk — at 35mm at its thickest point, the PQ321 is the thinnest 4K UHD monitor available today.

Comprehensive video inputs for UHD content

The ASUS PQ321 True 4K UHD Monitor features DisplayPort and US models offer dual-HDMI ports inputs with Picture-by-Picture support. Built-in 2W stereo speakers remove the need for additional desktop clutter and, in addition to being wall-mountable, the monitor stand offers full height, swivel, and tilt adjustment.


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