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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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Why This Site Cannot be An Apple Affiliate

Thank you for shopping for your Apple Macs, iPhones, etc at B&H Photo or at @AMAZON via the links on this site or This site does not benefit from Apple Store purchases.

Recently, Apple changed its affiliate program yet again, as is its right, which is not to say strategically well advised for long-run support from 3rd parties.

Here are a few reason that (which is reporting / review / editorial in nature) cannot accept the terms for being an Apple affiliate. Which is all just fine— I don’t want any Apple claws in me. Furthermore, I see the severely constrained Apple terms as symptomatic and consistent with Apple Core Rot.

Select excerpts—

- [Prohibited] Include an Apple trademark in the domain name

“Mac” is fair game for a part of a domain name, as noted by Apple’s own trademark guidelines ( “The Mac trademark - c. “Mac” is used in combination with another non-generic word.”). But it is not acceptable for an affiliate. Game over for

- [Prohibited] Be any Mac Rumor Sites, including, but not limited to:,,,,

Apparently these sites are irritating enough for Apple to actually call them out! This site is not a rumors site, but Apple at its sole discretion could take that position (“not limited to” could encompass for example Mac Pro speculation).

6.1. Affiliate shall not send out any emails, directly or indirectly, that advertise or promote Apple or Apple's products, services, web sites or offers without Apple's prior express written consent and approval of final email content must be given by Apple in each and every instance.

This site doesn’t send such emails, but it would make it hard to even mention an MPG Pro Workstation, which is based on the Mac Pro.

7.2. Participation of Affiliate into the Apple Affiliate Program through the PHG Interface may be terminated by Apple on immediate notice without cause .

This unilateral iron hammer stipulation of “without cause” means for any whim— a site makes an investment in embedding links to Apple, Apple products, etc can suddenly can be deprived instantly of all that investment with zero recourse.

2.4. Affiliate shall not make any representations, warranties or other statements concerning Apple, the Apple Online Store, any of Apple's products or services, or Apple Online Store policies, except as expressly authorized by this Agreement.

[emphasis added above] In other words, all editorial commentary on this site concerning anything Apple (such as Apple Core Rot or any Apple product review) would all be prohibited.

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