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MacMini Dual-Drive Coming to test Fusion Performance/Behavior

Yesterday after setting up a Fusion drive on the Mac Pro, I reported that I was unable to see any benefit whatsoever on the Mac Pro with either a SATA or PCIe SSD; the Fusion “migration” technology proved to be inoperable— all the effort resulted in a boring plain-vanilla “dumb” JBOD volume, noting that this is “unsupported hack” land— Apple makes no claim that the Fusion technology will work with anything but its own factory setup.

Courtesy of OWC, a 2012 MacMini with dual internal drives will arrive tomorrow for testing. It’s not an Apple Fusion setup (those still have not delivered to most customers), but it does have a hard drive and an OWC 6G SSD internally installed using the OWC Data Doubler and 16GB of memory (only ~$108 at OWC, no-brainer upgrade).

Since the OS X version is the one that ships with the MacMini , it ought to have whatever special version of diskutil and DiskUtility might be required, this should allow proving out whether the Fusion migration stuff actually works or not with non-Apple SSDs, since it would not work in Mac Pro using 10.8.2 with either PCIe or SATA SSDs.

Also on the agenda will be a Mac Pro vs MacMini comparison with an eye to Photoshop and Lightroom 4 performance for photography.

OWC DataDoublerfor MacMini
OWC DataDoublerfor MacMini

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