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MacBook Pro Lineup: Will we ever see built-in Cell Support?

Apple is apparently all set to release a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display. Good, surely, but perhaps nothing really new there.

But one thing lacking in all the MacBook Pro models (never seen yet) is built-in connectivity to the internet via a cell phone signal (e.g., AT&T or Verizon).

Why is it that I have to have a personal hot spot on my phone to enable my MBP to connect to the internet?

I want to wake up my laptop anywhere with a cell signal, and be on the internet, no phone involved. The iPad can use a cell phone signal for the internet, so why can’t the MacBook Pro do the same?

Built-in is not a problem

Having cell support built-in does constraing it to one carrier— but this is the reality for most users anyway; switching is expensive and typically reception is best with one carrier or another.

Still, suppose AT&T is built in and for travel one wants Verizon— so plug in an iPhone or hot spot that connects to Verizon.

OS X already lets the user select the network connection (USB, Bluetooth, ethernet, wireless, etc), so it is not an issue two have two services, one of which is built in (other than the egregious phone company pricing).

Better yet, if OS X could spread the bandwidth needs over more than one connection according to speed and or monthly usage limits, road warriors could have a speedier and potentially less costly solution than going “over” with one carrier.

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