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Mountain Lion — Switched on my Mac Pro, a few Glitches

While I have advised professionals to delay the adoption of OS X Mountain Lion, I have made the switch myself, for one simple reason: informing my readers.

So far I’m impressed with the relative freedom from issues, and a few bonuses:

  • The ability to do Save As is back via a command key shortcut.
  • No obvious performance problems.

I ran into a few issues worth being aware of:

  • Safari 6 feels slower than in Mountain Lion; pages just take another half-second to render. Somehow the animated eye-candy progress bar stuff seems to make it feel even slower— maybe it’s the cause?
  • Weird cursor problems in Photoshop (flickering), but useable.
  • Icon colors are garish (over saturated). This is a change from Lion. Can someone at Apple please buy the icon guys a properly color managed wide gamut monitor. I did reclalibrate and profile my wide gamut NEC PA301W display, no change to the icons, and the color is otherwise correct in Photoshop, etc.
  • On a RAID-0 stripe boot volume, the installer warns that “features such as File Vault and Recovery Mode won’t be available...”. This is fine by me. The installation went through without a hitch. See Apple knowledge base article HT4649.
    Some features not supported on RAID for OS X Mountain Lion
  • Microsoft Office killed its license, again for the 3rd time in 3 months. The thieves at Microsoft are at it again. I had to waste 20 minutes talking to a real live robot over in India to get it restore (seriously, this robot person could not respond to anything I said—just went silent and ignored everything I asked— so I finally fed the human robot with the codes to reactivate. It was a surreal experience, and this was after fighting the automated system for 10 minutes first).
The joys of 54-digit numbers and Microsoft Office killed license keys

Tim J writes:

I can confirm everyone of your first 5 bullet points. Wow those icons are saturated!

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