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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB

Apple to Professional Users: Screw You

See Apple Mac Pro Non-Upgrade and What Apple COULD Have At Least Done With the Mac Pro.

UPDATE: Apple lamely and indirectly acknowledging that new Mac Pro for 2013?

Apple apparently has (vaguely) committed to a Mac Pro sometime in 2013. That is not a misprint— not 2012, but 2013. As in no sooner than 6 months from now, and maybe 9 months or maybe a year, who can say except Apple? If something that vague and non-committal and delayed is “valuing customers”, why not offer the iPhone 5 in 2014?

Every day I hear from clients who want more performance than what Apple offers.

Better late than never? Professionals using Mac Pros must wait the better part of a year after new CPUs appear for a new Mac Pro? The PC world snickers at overpriced Apple products, and enjoys far higher performance, expansion, and choice. It’s almost enough to make me consider Windows for compute-intensive work.

Forbes has a brief piece on the matter in Apple's Minimal Mac Pro Update Ticks Off Loyalist Andy Hertzfeld.

David Pogue writes: “An executive did assure me, however, that new MacPro designs are under way, probably for release in 2013.”.

Original post

After nearly two years, Apple has done nothing to deliver a new Mac Pro to its loyal professional user base. The "New" label on the trivially-revised Mac Pro at the Apple Store is nothing short of a middle finger to all professionals using the Mac Pro for their work. Like me and every other photographer, videographer, scientist, etc.

Some of those users are going to say “screw you Apple”. And why shouldn’t they, when PCs like this one are readily available? And way better in functionality (memory slots, bays, PCIe slots, CPU speed, etc). It doesn’t matter that much if you’re just running one or two photo or video apps anyway; the app is the interface. Though I couldn’t yet bring myself to abandon Mac OS X, there being many other overheads and gotchas for me at least.

Whatever Apple offers, you can bet it will be well done, but it will almost certainly fall short of what professionals really want (CPU speed, slots, memory expansion, etc), since Apple in its hubris thinks that one size fits all. Or perhaps it’s just that too many Apple engineers are all busy designing shiny things for teenagers to waste time with. Well, that strategy is working magic on the bottom line, but with the Mac Pro, professionals are getting it where the sun don’t shine. There will come a day when Apple will find that certain structural supports to its business have collapsed as key influencers start to get really pissed off. And when competitors finally figure out something good enough to compete with. Market forces will come to bear.

Apple could fix the whole problem by allowing Mac OS X to run on PCs, charging for the privilege ($500 or even $700 would be just fine with me). That would be a fine solution, but Apple won’t do it.

Apple is also screwing its professional users with the MacBook Pro Retina, failing to warn that the memory is soldered on and non-upgradable (while all the while discussing the value of upgrading memory). This omission is so inexcusable, so contemptible, that it would be fitting for a class-action lawsuit to erupt at some point.

Update: Apple has removed the “New” designation from the Mac Pro at the Apple Store. Now how about fixing the sordid soldered memory thing Apple?

USB-C Travel Dock

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