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Mac Pro Petition

I’ve written extensively on why Apple doesn’t give a damn about Mac Pro users. When you’re selling product by the tens of millions (iPhone / iPad / laptops), the Mac Pro is a curiously vestigial product which no bean counter could love. But toys don’t let me get my work done, the Mac Pro does.

The simple fact is that an MPG Pro Workstation outfitted with one or two OWC Mercury Acceslsior PCIe SSD cards makes a killer workstation. That you can have TODAY. Serious users should get working efficiently, rather than wasting time hoping for some incremental gains in a new model.

Some readers seem to think that one ought to wait (and wait and wait) because the magical nirvana of the latest CPUs will be a lot faster. And they might be a lot faster (a lot depends on what Apple does), and if there is no pressing need, yes of course wait because there is little to lose.

But a working professional might waste unproductive hours every day by continuing to delay (or worse, lose data due to aging drives or hardware or flaky system in general). Cost/benefit is the decision to be made.

There are tweakers spending 3-4-5 days tweaking a machine for maximum performance in order to save 10 minutes a day on actual work. Everyone has to do their own cost/benefit analysis in that regard for their own workflow and budget and the value of their own time. I’d love a faster machine like everyone else, but my workflow has only minor impairment from CPU speed issues on my current machine because it has ample memory and an SSD faster than Photoshop can even use. A CPU that is 40% faster (dubious) might make most tasks go only 10-20% faster. Is 8 or 9 seconds instead of 10 seconds really a huge time saver and worth a $10K upgrade?

See my most recent summary of why a new Mac Pro won’t matter much and Why a Mac Pro? and Buy Mac Pro Now, or Wait? and No New Mac Pro Yet, Which Means What? and End of Life for the Apple Mac Pro? Still no word from Apple.

Feedback to Apple

Sure I’d like a new an improved Mac Pro, so long as Apple doesn’t Jobsify it by removing useful features and making it a shiny toy, albeit a larger one than usual.

There is the black hole of Apple’s feedback page for the Mac Pro. I filled it in and never heard anything at all.

A recente Mac Pro petition gains traction as pro users seek information page goes into some details, and there is a We Want a New Mac Pro Facebook page (though I loathe Facebook, you can add your voice there).

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock
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Works on any Mac with Thunderbolt 3

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