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SPECIAL DEAL on a 2009 Mac Pro 2.93GHz as an MPG Pro Workstation

What’s inside makes all the difference!

For photographers, sound, video, or graphics arts.

In a few days, OWC will take delivery of a significant but limited number of brand-new 2009 Mac Pro systems at 2.93GHz. These systems are base-priced at $2250 (base price) when upgraded to an MPG Pro Workstation:

  • 2009 Mac Pro 4-core @ 2.93GHz
    (4.6% faster than Apple’s more expensive 2010 2.8GHz model);
  • Apple 1 year standard warranty, eligible for AppleCare (here’s a deal);
  • Built-in Apple SuperDrive;
  • ATI 4870 graphics card (the high end card offered by Apple in the 2009 Mac Pro);
  • Built-in Airport card (wireless);
  • 0G memory and no hard drive (irrelevant in the context of an MPG Pro Workstation build);

Plus your choice of MPG Pro Workstation configuration, at whatever cost that entails, per the quote.


Availability is first-come-first-served based on actually placing an order for the MPG Pro Workstation at OWC. Request a quote, and note that you want this machine. You can order now.

It‘s an all-in-one deal— no need to go shopping elsewhere for the Mac Pro, no need to set up or understand complexities or test your system— just take it out of the box and get to work.

Is it good?

Absolutely. The 2009 2.93Ghz model is an excellent choice suitable for almost any user. You can spend another $1500 on the 3.33GHz 2010 model if you really want and need extra CPU cores and a 13.6% faster CPU. See the 2010 Mac Pro review.

The reality is that 90% of my consulting clients through July 2010 were thrilled with the slower 2.66GHz Mac Pro. And the 2.93Ghz model is 10% faster than the 2.66GHz. By comparison, the more expensive 2010 2.8GHz model has nothing new to offer except the video card, which has zero value for anything I do (and has some headaches at that). The 4870 video card is excellent, it was the top card Apple offered for the 2009 Mac pro. Clock speed is more important for anything except highly specialized activities.

Most popular MPG Pro Workstation config

The most popular MPG Pro Workstation configuration is the following. If a mirror is used for Time Machine, this system can tolerate two simultaneous drive failures with your Master volume data still accessible to within an hour (either on the Master volume, or on one Time Machine drive from the mirror)*:

  • 100GB SSD for system and applications
  • 2 X 3TB hard drives as 6TB Master volume (double speed RAID-0 stripe);
  • 2 X 3TB hard drives as either a 3TB RAID-1 mirror or 6TB RAID-0 stripe, for Time Machine backup (use of a mirror provides 3TB of backup space, of course, but few users need anything close to that amount);
  • 24GB memory.

Other configurations possible, including more mirroring, more striping, more or less memory, etc. But the above is the ideal config for 90% of users. Read why 3TB drives are faster.

* Whatever you do, don’t forget that backups are critical. A system can still be stolen or burned up, or submerged or eaten by dinosaurs.

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