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Single greatest influence and resource

This popped up in my email today:

Hi, Mr. Chambers,

I've been an unknowing Windows victim since 1981, have always wanted to migrate to "the" Mac, but haven't had the cajoles to pull the trigger for too many stupid reasons not worth listing. It wasn't until my wife and I got iPhones and were exposed to the Apple logic, which led us into iPads (extremely helpful as portable portfolios for us photogs), which led us into finally purchasing a Mac laptop for my wife when her 2 *TWO* year old HP Tablet Microsoft Vista system decided to fry itself last week - Appears to be motherboard issues as the screen is there but unreadable.

Anyhow, after playing with her new MacBook Pro and hearing from all my photog friends for so many years about the advantages of the Mac, I decided to buy one for myself. Additionally my 3 year old Quad Core Pentium 32bit MS Vista machine with 3gb's of RAM just wasn't cutting it. Lightroom crashes every 12 minutes (on schedule) with the 5D Mk II's raw file processing. Not being anything but extremely anal by nature (I'm a pilot for a living) I had to do as much research as possible before "taking the plunge..."

After 3 days of semi random, fruitless searching for GOOD info on the net about the Mac, I somehow stumbled onto your site (I don't remember how). That was Sunday. Since then I estimate I've received no more then 11 hours of sleep - IN TOTAL. I'm lucky to have this week off from flying... lol.

Your site has been the single greatest influence and resource in my quest for info on the Mac that I could have ever even imagined stumbling upon. I figure I've read every page, perhaps even twice. I just want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you. I just placed fairly big orders with OWC and B&H utilizing the links provided on your site, and I made sure to let OWC know in their "How did your hear about us" text box that I was there because of you.

So, being that my photography has taken a true realistic turn into the commercial side within the last half a dozen years, I figured it was time to get serious and go big. I also design web sites and shoot Aerial HD from sophisticated RC aircraft/drones and needed something to support that endeavor as well. My purchase decision included the following:

Apple MAC PRO 6C XEON 3.33g/5870
24GB (3x8GB) DDR3 ECC PC10600 1333MHz SDRAM
240GB Mercury Extreme Pro SSD 2.5
2.0TB Western Digital 'Caviar BLACK' 7200RPM SATA-II HDD 64MB Cache, x 3
FirmTek SeriTek/2ME4E Four Port SATA II/PM/PCI-Express Host Adapter

Now I feel like a baby that's just crapped in it's diaper- Grinning with excitement and anticipation, but fully aware that I may have just really still "bought the farm..." as they say. Time will tell. Anyhow, my apologies for being long winded in this email, but I just wanted to thank you profusely for all of your efforts with the Mac Performance Guide, and I look forward to following your blog. — Christopher P.

DIGLLOYD: the long hours are worth it. Excellent choices on the Mac Pro configuration. And I appreciate the use of my site links too— win/win!

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