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SSD Upgrade for MacBook Pro Retina
Thunderbolt 3 Dock
Must-have expansion for 2016 MacBook Pro
Thunderbolt 3 • USB 3 • Gigabit Ethernet • 4K Support • Firewire 800 • Sound Ports

Making Sharp Images, Zeiss Guide, Lens and Camera Reviews, Digital Infrared

I do more than computers!

See my photography guides and diglloyd photo blog, and especially Making Sharp Images.

Making Sharp Images
Making Sharp Images

Here's the real "missing manual" for your camera that shows you what's possible and how to get it.

Making Sharp Images is chock full of practical how-tos and tips suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers, and will cut years of learning down to weeks.

Best of all, this guide will enable you to spend more time taking good pictures and less time sitting in front of your computer trying to fix flawed ones.

"Simply excellent ... and LOTS of information."
—Alfred Corrodi

"I find the whole of MSI very well put together and it covers nearly all aspects! It is also very clearly explained in a practical style where necessary."
—Matthias Herrmannstorfer

"About six-point three metric tons of well-delivered info in there. Better than just about anything on the web."
—Marshall Arbitman

"Excellent." —Stefan Iacob

"First of all, allow me to congratulate you on MSI—both the concept and the implementation are extraordinarily good. I had no idea what to expect and was then gobsmacked when I loaded the Table of Contents page and realized what you have accomplished. The topic is pertinent to anyone who wishes to improve their image making skills while the breadth and depth of the coverage is frankly amazing."
—Jonathon Delacour

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