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New! MPG Pro One™ (pro-grade iMac)

In all my earlier comments, I’ve remarked on the limitations of the iMac as compared to a Mac Pro.

But one can’t get around the fact that the iMac appeals to many, and not just for cost reasons (eg the built-in 27" screen), but also the appealing form factor. With its new quad-core processor at 2.93GHz, it has plenty of CPU punch, so how to exploit that?

Well, the folks over at OWC have figured out some great ways to upgrade the new iMac, opening up new options for turning the iMac into a machine with serious grunt.

Not all limitations can be addressed, but the gap between the iMac and the Mac Pro can be closed considerably, hence the new MPG Pro One™, an all-in-one pro-grade solution for photographers and other imaging professionals. OWC builds and tests the MPG Pro One to MPG specifications.

You can order one of these systems starting August 3rd, or contact us if you’d like to me notified. If a full MPG Pro One is not for you, OWC still has other great upgrade available.

Introducing the MPG Pro One™ all-in-one workstation

Order this config
for MPG Pro One

The new sibling to the MPG Pro Workstation and the MPG Pro Laptop: the MPG Pro One™, an all-in-one solution based on the Apple iMac.

  • Incredible system drive speed with dual FAST enterprise-grade solid state drives good for 500MB/sec (!) as a 200GB or 400GB or 800GB volume.
  • 16GB or 12GB of memory.
  • Retain the internal optical (DVD) drive, or externalize it for:
    - eSATA port OR
    - internal 2TB hard drive OR
    -third SSD.

As with the MPG Pro Workstation and the MPG Pro Laptop, the MPG Pro One is pre-configured and rigorously pre-tested (an 8 hour heavy-duty burn in using diglloydTools).

How it works

You supply the 2010 iMac 27" of your choice from the vendor of your choice (see recommended configuration above). Initially, the Apple Store is your best choice (thanks for using that link).

  1. Set up your order with OWC
  2. Order your iMac, and ship directly to OWC.
  3. The MPG Pro One arrives at your door, ready to use.

MPG Pro One — killer drive speed

For ultrafast Photoshop scratch, instant Lightroom previews and caches, or anything else that dogs your day as too slow!

Installed are dual matched internal OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE solid state drives, with your choice of 100/200/400GB drives for a 200/400/800GB main volume as a RAID-0 stripe: double capacity and double speed!

This prof configuration reads and writes in the 500MB/sec range (a standard hard drive is in the 115MB/sec range, and slows down as it fills up). The SSD volume does not slow down as it fills up— it starts fast and stays fast. Benefits:

  • Ultra-fast Photoshop scratch;
  • Ultra-fast Lightroom catalog and preview and caches;
  • Ultra-fast application launch;
  • Ultra-fast virtual memory;

Drive speed just “goes away” as an issue. You won’t believe it until you experience it.

MPG Pro One — memory

Choose 16GB (recommended), or downsize to 12GB.

MPG Pro One — 3rd drive

You can choose to leave the internal optical drive unchanged as shipped from Apple. Or it can be removed and an external optical drive used instead, which allows one (1) of these three options:

  • Internal 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive;
  • eSATA port for high-speed external storage;
  • Third solid state drive SSD with capacity of 120/240/480GB.

You can order one of these systems starting August 3rd.

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