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2019-08-28 Beware of Phishing — Fake Chase Bank

2019-05-09 Browser Hijacking: the Malware

2019-03-30 Concerned about macOS Security Fixes

2019-03-11 SEVERE Security Issue: Google Chrome Might Claim Current Version When Actually Out-of-Date and At-Risk

2019-03-01 Apple Apparently IGNORES Researcher’s Report of 0-Day Exploit for macOS KeyChain

2019-02-27 Plugging in an Unknown Thunderbolt or USB-C Device is Electronic Unprotected Sex: the “Thunderclap” Vulnerability

2019-02-22 Apple Core Rot : Debugging Severe Security Bug in Apple’s macOS Security Infrastructure (Apple Gatekeeper and Apple MRT)

2019-02-20 Apple Core Rot CAUTION: Apple’s macOS Security Infrastructure Might Not be Working on Your Mac (Apple Gatekeeper and Apple MRT)

2019-02-15 Beware of Phishing — Fake Chase Bank

2019-01-30 Apple Revokes Facebook’s Enterprise Certificate

2019-01-28 Apple Core Rot at its Finest: the Apple Facetime Bug Clown Show


2018-12-11 Using Apple FileVault for Data Security

2018-11-21 Amazon Compromises my Email Address

2018-11-18 Beware of Phishing Based on Fear of Secret Porn Behavior and Real Password Compromise

2018-11-07 Apple Core Rot is Back with a Vengeance in the Latest Security Update for macOS 10.13.6

2018-10-11 Beware of Phishing — Fake “Apple Limited”

2018-05-21 The Internet of Things (IoT) Poses Huge Numbers of Worldwide Security Risks, Large and Small

2018-05-20 How to Fix Apple Remote Desktop that was Broken by Apple’s Recent Security Update: Reinstall RemoteDesktopClient 3.9.3 on Client Machines Using SSH

2018-05-20 Apple Core Rot: It’s Big Things, and Hundreds of Little Ones, that Together Add up to Chaos

2018-05-20 Adding Features/Functionality Always Decreases Security, Never Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side: Siri and Alexa et al Exploits

2018-04-28 Beware of Phishing — Fake “Apple Limited”

2018-04-28 Apple’s Problems with Severe Security Bugs Continue

2018-03-28 Apple’s Tim Cook Weighs in on Facebook

2018-03-24 Concussion

2018-03-16 Privacy: When Your Computer is Repaired, Does the Facility Scan your Private Information too? BestBuy’s GeekSquad Gets Paid to Scan and Report to the FBI

2018-02-24 Apple Throws Chinese Users Under the Bus

2018-02-13 Apple iOS Source Code In the Wild

2018-01-12 Apple and Privacy: are there Bedrock Principles Based on Inviolable Philosophical/Moral Principles, or Rather, Concretized Pragmatic Range-of-the-Moment “whatever works” Policies?

2018-01-11 Detecting and Preventing Credit Card and Similar Financial Fraud via Text Notifications

2018-01-11 Apple Quality Control: Enough is Enough

2018-01-10 Nasty macOS High Sierra Bug: Unlock AppStore Preferences with *any* Password

2018-01-09 Apple’s Mitigations for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU Architecture Bugs: Long-Running Update Doesn’t Jive With Description

2018-01-07 Meltdown and Spectre CPU Architecture Bugs: Apple Has Partially Addressed with No Performance Impact?

2018-01-02 New Year’s Resolution for Apple: Can We Please Have macOS 'Sobered Up' in 2018? Keychain Crash and Others—macOS Increasingly Unstable = Unacceptable


2017-11-30 Perspective on Apple Core Rot Over Some Years

2017-11-28 The Most Serious Apple Software Quality Failure Yet: Logging-in 'root' without any password

2017-11-20 Security Expert Bruce Schneier Weighs In on the Equifax Breach

2017-10-16 Mobile Phone Companies Sell your Name and Location Data

2017-10-16 Equifax: It Just Keeps Getting Better, for Hackers

2017-10-16 All your WIFI are belong to us: Major vulnerability in WPA2 to be released

2017-10-06 macOS HighSierra: New Security Behavior includes a new Zero Day Exploit (kernel level compromise) and Dumping User Passwords

2017-10-05 macOS HighSierra: Brief Use Brings Relief in a Way: Worth Ignoring for a While

2017-06-19 Apple iPhone Security: Pocket Dialing

2017-05-22 Security: Phishing Email Purporting to be a Buyer Complaint

2017-05-15 On Ransomware

2017-05-10 Security: Phishing Email Purporting to be a Password Reset Notification

2017-05-09 Tired of Being Tracked and Bombarded with Ads? Ghostery

2017-04-15 Getting Your Devices and Data Over the U.S. Border

2017-03-17 Security: Another Phishing Example (plus Apple Junk Mail Bug)

2017-03-07 Wikileaks Reveals Many Things... like Televisions as Covert Listening Devices

2017-02-28 “Our digital fingerprints are everywhere. How do we protect ourselves?” — Stanford Engineering

2017-01-30 Security: Phishing Email Purporting to be a Password Reset Notification

2017-01-10 macOS BloatWare (and what feels like SpyWare)


2016-12-13 macOS 10.12.2 Update

2016-12-13 Two-Factory Security for macOS

2016-12-08 Malware Hides in Advertising

2016-12-01 Wiping Personal Data Off a Mac that is Being Returned or Sold

2016-11-18 Apple iPhone Secretly Uploading Call Logs when iCloud is Enabled?

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: the Touchbar Already Saving Me Time

2016-11-09 The Internet of Things is a Disaster Waiting to Happen (Self-Propagating Smart Light Bulb Worm)

2016-10-16 Potential Security Issue: Google Chrome Update Mechanism Broken, Erroneously Claims up to Date for Any/All Versions

2016-10-10 Yahoo’s Bulk Surveillance of Every Account under Government Coercion

2016-10-07 macOS Sierra: Crashes Viewing Folders with Images (while selecting them)

2016-09-23 Half a BILLION User Accounts Compromised

2016-09-03 Updated: Diglloyd Photoshop Benchmarks

2016-09-02 Risky “Zero Day” Exploit Bugs Fixed in iOS 9.3.5 for iPhone, also in OS X

2016-08-30 iPhone Software Update Failure: ‘“Not enough free space is available on this computer” (8.81TB not enough space for 0.128 TB iPhone)

2016-08-07 Brazen Example of Phishing

2016-07-23 Don’t Get Scammed / Phished by Look-Alike Emails (UPS Example)

2016-06-22 Apple Mail Security: Viewing Mail Headers

2016-06-18 Don’t Get Scammed / Phished by Look-Alike Emails (PayPal Example)

2016-04-27 What’s all the Fuss About iPhone Security Anyway?

2016-04-04 Corporate Security Breaches: Best Practices, and Why Sensitive Info Should be Removable

2016-03-07 Schneier: Data is a Toxic Asset

2016-03-07 OS X Malware: Ransomware Encrypts Data, Demands Payment to Recover

2016-02-26 The Crypto Wars Redux


2015-12-31 Don’t Get Scammed (Phished) by Amazon Promotional Credit Scams

2015-12-23 Web Browser Cookies + OS X El Capitan: Safari Cookie Security?

2015-12-19 A Troublesome Security and Privacy Flaw: Apple Mail Auto-Complete + How to Delete Unwanted Recipients

2015-12-14 Security researcher examines MacKeeper, says sensitive data for more than 13 million accounts easily accessed

2015-11-15 “Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World ”, by Bruce Schneier

2015-10-22 Reader Question: Charge-Only Lightning cable

2015-09-23 Apple XCode Ghost Compromises some Apps in the Apple App Store

2015-09-19 A Big Privacy Lie: Anonymization

2015-09-18 RFID Blocking Sleeves for Passport, Credit Cards

2015-09-14 Upgrading to an iPhone 6s Plus: all AT&T “deals” are the same bitter pill with a bit more or less sugar coating

2015-09-14 Security is only as good as its implementation (or as bad as its incompetent implementation)

2015-08-22 Don’t Get Phished by Ashley Madison Scams!

2015-07-09 The Risks of Mandating Backdoors in Encryption Products

2015-06-30 UPDATE: Your Passwords are at Risk with OS X and iOS?

2015-06-29 Don’t Get Suckered In By Spam Email (Phishing) #2

2015-06-22 Don’t Get Suckered In By Spam Email (Phishing) #1

2015-06-18 All your passwords at risk with OS X and iOS, and Apple Sits on the Problem

2015-04-08 OS X 10.10.3 Security Updates

2015-03-22 OS X Security: Various Developments

2015-03-04 OS X and Malware

2015-02-20 Adware = Malware (Lenovo and https)

2015-02-19 Is Nothing Safe Any More? Cellular Phones Compromised En Masse

2015-02-14 Lockdown: The Coming War on General Computing

2015-01-22 Apple Core Rot: More Views

2015-01-13 ioSafe Fireproof NAS

2015-01-13 Newfangled Popup Password Dialogs Defeat Password Managers

2015-01-09 Spotlight Builds in a Feature Spammers Could Only Dream About

2015-01-09 Possible Work-Around for Spotlight Privacy/Security bug of Indexing Spam Email


2014-12-23 Troubling Precedent: Apple Pushes Security Update Without User Permission (NTP Security Flaw)

2014-12-21 Virtualization for Safer Software Updates

2014-12-21 Thunderbolt EFI Exploit

2014-12-21 OWC Turnkey Upgrade Program for Mac Pro

2014-12-13 Sea Change: Security is Your Job Also, the Writing is on the Wall

2014-12-13 Procedure for Minimizing Risks with a Software Updater that Runs as 'root'

2014-12-01 Adobe DreamWeaver CC 2014 Does Not Launch! How to Fix Preference Permissions

2014-11-25 A Pseudo-Security Trend: Password Reset and Locked Accounts

2014-11-13 iPhone / iPad: New Security Risks Emerge

2014-11-05 Apple iCloud: Promiscous Saving for Security Lapses

2014-10-22 The 'Cloud' is DEFINITELY a Huge and Tempting Target for Hackers

2014-10-15 Unlovely: Password Negligence at Financial Institutions

2014-10-15 Lovely: Long Ugly Passwords

2014-10-14 The 'Cloud' Remains a Huge and Tempting Target for Hackers

2014-10-13 Recommended: 1Password for Both Higher Security and Convenience

2014-10-07 Patches for 'bash' Shell Vulnerability

2014-09-07 Don’t Assume that a Password Manager is Safe, Auto-Fill for Password a Bad Idea

2014-05-19 Special: 4TB for $165, also, 1TB Laptop Drives

2014-05-17 Crypto Won’t Save You Either

2014-03-13 Metadata = Surveillance

2014-03-05 WebCam Internet Security

2014-03-03 How to Choose a Secure Password

2014-02-25 OS X 10.9.2 Reportedly Fixes the TLS/SSL Security Bug

2014-02-22 Major Security Flaw in Apple iOS and Apple OS X, Involves Fundamental TLS / SSL Security Protocols


2013-10-08 How the NSA Compromises Systems (Firefox and Tor Too)

2013-10-03 Security Breach at Adobe for 2.9 MILLION Customers

2013-05-23 The Implications of a Centralized App Store and Centralization in General: Single Point of Failure

2013-05-08 Adobe Creative Cloud: Date of Birth Mandatory, Lopsided Legal Agreement

2013-05-01 The Commercialization of Digital Spying

2013-03-31 So You Actually Trust Your Sensitive Data to Apple’s iCloud ?

2013-02-15 The Crash from 'File:///' — More Broadly What Are These Keyboard Sniffer Hooks Doing in a System-wide OS X API?


2012-08-28 Oracle Java 7 Critical Security Hole — Affects Java in Web Browser

2012-04-05 Turn Off Java — Flashback Trojan Risk

2012-02-16 What Are the Implications for Application Signing?


2011-06-05 Securing Your Mac — More Pages Added

2011-06-01 Basic Steps for Safer Computing

2011-05-04 Remote Access To Photoshop via iPhone, iPad

2011-03-22 Anti-virus on Mac OS X— Vulnerabilities

2011-03-15 Yet Another Adobe Flash “Critical” Security Flaw | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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