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Apple 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max

Trouncing Intel-based laptops and desktops alike..

Apple Mac mini (November 2018)

True desktop-class performance..

Apple Mac Pro (December 2019)

Workhorse desktop tower..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 16-inch (October 2019)

Desktop Class Performance, memory, SSD..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (July 2018)

Vastly improved performance over 2017 model, 6 CPU Cores..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (June 2017)

Improved performance over 2016 model..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (late 2016)

Touchbar, wide gamut, unrivalled SSD..

Apple 12-Inch MacBook (2016)

An iPad-sized laptop, refreshed..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (2015)

Evolving the platform with a hyper fast SSD..

Promise Pegasus J4 Thunderbolt 4-Drive Enclosure

SSDs or hard drives for fast single-drive or RAID volumes in a portable enclosure..

Thunderbolt peripherals

Reviews of Thunderbolt products..

OWC Thunderbay 4 Mini

High performance with 2.5-inch hard drives or SSDs..

OWC Thunderbay IV / 4 Thunderbolt Enclosure

High performance with hard drives or SSDs..

Drobo 5D with Thunderbolt or USB3

RAID reliability in easy to configure 5-drive enclosure for full-size hard drives..

Apple 2017 iMac 5K

Even better than the 2015 model..

Understanding Thunderbolt and USB3 Performance with the 2013 Mac Pro

Using the right ports is critical to performance..

How To Guides

How to perform useful tasks and upgrades..

USB-C Accessories

Chargers and other specialty USB-C devices..

Upgrading Your Mac

When and Why to Upgrade Your Mac..

Optimizing Photoshop CS5 Performance

The best hardware and configuration for Photoshop CS5..

Optimizing Photoshop CS4 Performance

How to configure a Mac to maximize Photoshop CS3/CS4 performance..

Optimizing Other Photography Software

Speedups for working with images..

Optimizing Mac Performance

Learn about Activity Monitor and understand how CPU cores, processes, memory use, and software scalability affect performance..

Mac Performance 101: Cores, Processes, Memory

Monitoring tips and application CPU core scorecard..

Quick Links for Buying

Where to go to buy Macs and related items..

Choosing and Configuring a Mac

An in-depth look at how to find the right Mac setup for you.

How to Buy / What to Buy

Nuts and bolts of buying a Mac, and recommended extras..

Optimizing the MacBook Pro Core i7

Maxing-out your MacBook Pro Core i7 with memory and drives..

Optimizing Mac Application Performance

Optimizing specific application performance..

Solid State Drives, Various

SSDs and thumb drives..

OWC SSDs, Various

Various SATA and USB SSDs..

OWC Mercury Electra 6G 960GB SSD

Fast 6 Gbps high capacity SSD..

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 3G Solid State Drives

Fast and durable, enterprise-grade solid state drives..

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Choosing and using solid state drives..

Special Report: Virtual Memory on Apple MacBook Pro

Virtual memory performance on the Apple MacBook Pro 2010/2009 with solid state drives and hard drives..

Apple iMac 3.4 GHz (Late 2012)

Apple’s fastest Mac as of Jan 2013?.

Apple 12-Inch MacBook (2015)

An iPad-sized laptop..

Dell UP2715K: 5K Display

Bleeding edge with dual inputs has some issues..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Quad-Core (June 2012)

Apple’s 2012 MacBook Pro Retina Display..

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Quad-Core (June 2012)

Apple’s 2012 MacBook Pro (non Retina)..

Apple MacBook Pro Quad-Core (February 2011)

A review of Apple’s first quad-core laptop..

2010 MacBook Air for Photographers?

How does the 2010 MacBook Air fare in the context of photography?.

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 (April 2010)

A review of Apple’s first Core i7 laptop..

MacBook Pro eSATA Cards

A review of eSATA cards for the MacBook Pro..

OWC Portable Dual-Drive RAID-0 or RAID-1 Mini Enclosures

Dual-drive externals for travel or compact backup..

Drives and Expansion and Various

Reviews of various hardware and software..

Desktop Hard Drives

Performance and use..

Laptop Hard Drives

Technical performance data..

Core Rot at Apple

The worrisome decline of OS X quality and integrity..

Older storage interfaces

Modern Macs use USB3 and Thunderbolt..

Blog posts


2022-06-21 TESTED: Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra: SHA512 Hashing Speed Scalability

2022-03-11 Apple M1 Ultra CPU GPU Performance: Fastest CPU and GPU in a PC/Mac in History? With Ultra Low Power Consumption

2022-03-08 Daughter’s 2016 MacBook Pro Craps Out—What We Replaced it With

2022-02-14 macOS Monterey: Constantly Loses 2nd Display Coming out of Sleep, Forces me to Reboot 2-3 Times Every Day — Thunderbolt = voodoo

2022-01-26 TESTED: Apple 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max — a Stunning Performer That Crushes Intel-Based Macs

2022-01-18 Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Max Here Soon for Testing

2022-01-01 SHA-512 Hashing Speed in Java: 2019 Mac Pro, 2019 iMac 5K, 2020 iMac 5K, 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max


2021-12-22 Apple M1 Macs: Not a Mature Solution for General Usage eg Java Virtual Machine

2021-11-26 Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Max Should be Here for Review in a Few Weeks

2021-11-23 Computing Suggestions Aimed at Photographers and Videographers— Macs, Storage, Connectivity

2021-11-01 MacBook Pro M1 Max Shipping in 2022 — Consider a 10-Core iMac 5K with Gorgeous Large Display Instead, and Save $1500 too!

2021-10-22 Only the 16-Inch Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max offers “High Power Mode” for Intensive Usage

2021-10-22 Fastest SSD Yet in the MacBook Pro M1 Max, but Will Apps Run Things Faster Because of It?

2021-10-21 Will We Have an Apple M1 Max Duo and Quad in 2022? Intel-Based Solutions to Become Performance Dinosaurs Overnight?

2021-10-20 The 'Killer' Mac that Apple is NOT Offering, and Might Never  — the Apple Mac Workhorse

2021-10-20 Reader Comment: “what Apple did with the M1 Max, it’s very impressive... Intel is really in deep trouble”

2021-10-20 Can the Apple M1 Max chip be Scaled to 25 CPU Cores and 80 GPU Cores by late 2022 via TSMC 3nm Technology?

2021-10-19 Storage and Accessories by OWC Apple 14/16-inch MacBook Pros M1 Pro/M1 Max

2021-10-19 Big Thanks to B&H Photo — Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro Coming For Review

2021-10-18 Apple 14/16-inch MacBook Pros Here, with M1 Max or M1Pro CPU: What You Need to Know

2021-10-14 Latest macOS Mojave Update on my iMac 5K Wrecks Sleep Mode; iMac Constantly Wakes up Dozens of times a day

2021-10-13 Apple ARM M1X CPU Macs eg MacBook Pro Next Week... Time to Consider?

2021-10-11 Memory Fails in Web Server, with Sporadic Problems Making the Cause Mysterious, Until Today

2021-05-18 Apple Readies new Crop of Pro Mac using Apple M1/M2 Chip Technology

2021-05-15 Reader Comment: MacBook Pro running OSX 10.12 has finally had the discrete GPU die... used this machine almost continuously for 10 years

2021-05-12 Reader Comment: Avoid “Upgrades”, Stick with What is Proven

2021-02-05 Reader Comment: “so wish I saw your blog post before purchasing 2019 MacBook Pro”


2020-12-29 Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 and Apple Destroy My Workflow Worse Than Any Problem I’ve ever Had

2020-11-28 First Iteration of Apple M1 Macs: 16GB memory Limit Puts Hard Ceiling on Potential Uses

2020-07-26 Disturbing Number of Bad 16-Inch MacBook Pros

2020-04-03 2019 MacBook Pro Seems to Have a High Failure Rate

2020-02-21 macOS Catalina: System Sleep Frequently Fails

2020-02-15 $500 Off Apple Mac Pro at B&H Photo, $300 Off 16" MacBook Pro, iMac Too

2020-01-29 Reader Comment: Apple 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch “blown away by the speed”

2020-01-27 MacBook Pro Finally the Do-It-All Desktop Replacement? Top End Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro Models are on Sale

2020-01-18 Reader Comments: macOS Catalina vs Mojave, Drive Initialization Hanging/Crashing

2020-01-07 Eye-Burning Bug in macOS Catalina on 2019 Mac Pro: LG 5K Display Resets to Maximum Brightness Every Reboot

2020-01-05 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Display Will Not Re-Sync with NEC PA302W after Coming Out of Sleep + Base Video Card vs Other Cards, Thunderbolt 3 Ports


2019-12-29 Get Your Federal Tax Write-Off ASAP! And here’s an Insane deal on a 2018 MacBook Pro

2019-12-26 On the Way for Testing: 2019 Mac Pro 16-core / 48GB / 4TB

2019-12-22 TESTED: 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch versus 2019 iMac 5K — MacBook Pro Finally the Do-It-All Desktop Replacement?

2019-12-18 Up to 42% Off 2018 Apple MacBook Pro

2019-12-18 Reader Question: Top-End 2018 MacBook Pro Screaming Deal?

2019-11-19 Deals on Apple MacBook Pro

2019-11-19 About that Dual 6K Display Support on the Apple 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch

2019-07-16 Awesome Deal on Fully Loaded Mid 2018 MacBook Pro — Save $2800 — WOW!

2019-05-25 An Interview with OWC’s Larry O'Conner on Development of the Aura Pro X2 SSD.

2019-05-02 Upgraded my 2015 MacBook Pro Retina Apple Flash Drive to the 2TB OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD

2019-05-01 Notes on Using an eGPU for Photoshop for Adobe Camera Raw Enhance Details

2019-04-16 OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD: up to 2TB of Super Fast SSD in Your MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini Models up

2019-02-09 Apple 2017 iMac 5K is a Terrific Machine, but Too Often It Impedes My Work


2018-12-11 Save Big On Apple Through Dec 22

2018-11-26 Deep Discounts on 2018 MacBook Pro + Top 35 Cyber Monday Deals at B&H Photo

2018-11-23 Black Friday Deals at OWC

2018-11-01 OWC Products Compatible with new 2018 MacMini, 2018 MacBook Air, 2018 iPad Pro

2018-10-30 New iPad Pro, MacBook Air, MacMini at B&H Photo

2018-09-04 Tested: Mikegyver High-Speed USB-C Charger for 2018/2017/2016 MacBook Pro via Vehicle DC Power

2018-09-04 Reader Comments: Configuring the 2018 MacBook Pro as as Desktop Replacement

2018-09-03 Video Presentation: Configuring the 2018 MacBook Pro as as Desktop Replacement

2018-09-01 Tested (again on the 2018 MacBook Pro): OWC Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 SSD

2018-09-01 Amazing Deals on the Brand-New Apple 2018 MacBook Pro: What to Get for a High School or College Student

2018-08-27 Back to School: Solid Discounts on 2018 Macs

2018-08-16 2018 MacBook Pro: the Apple T2 Chip Can Erratically Kernel Panic the System

2018-08-14 2018 MacBook Pro: Large Improvement vs 2017 MacBook Pro for Sustained GPU Performance

2018-08-14 2018 MacBook Pro Reviewed: Fastest Apple MacBook Pro Ever and By Far—It’s a Winner

2018-08-12 Semi-Bricking a 2018 MacBook Pro

2018-08-12 Reader Question: 2018 MacBook Pro Soldered -On Storage vs Data recovery

2018-08-12 Reader Question on 2018 MacBook Pro: Does the 13-inch Model have Yellowish Tint to Its Display?

2018-08-09 2018 MacBook Pro: First Tests Now Published (UPDATE AUGUST 11: More Tests)

2018-08-03 Testing in Progress on Apple 2018 MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.9 GHz 32GB 2TB Radeon Pro 560X

2018-07-28 Reader Comment: Which Mac for Video?

2018-07-25 On the Way For Testing: Apple 2018 MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.9 GHz 32GB 2TB Radeon Pro 560X

2018-07-25 OWC Docks Confirmed To Work with 2018 MacBook Pro

2018-07-21 OWC Back to School Deals

2018-07-16 Pondering the 2018 Apple MacBook Pro: Serves Little Useful Purpose for *Me* Even for Travel—I Await a Revised iMac or iMac Pro

2018-07-12 Apple Updates the MacBook Pro to a Real Pro Machine

2018-07-03 OWC July 4 Specials

2018-01-19 This Site Will be Down Jan 19 for an Hour or Two for Server Upgrade (UPDATE: Upgrade done)

2018-01-11 Apple Quality Control: Enough is Enough


2017-11-27 HOT! OWC Envoy Pro EX 2TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD Now In Stock

2017-11-27 Advice for those Considering the 2016 MacBook Pro Deals

2017-11-23 Crazy Good Discounts on Apple MacBook Pro, Sony A7S II and A9, Drones, Phones

2017-11-06 Reader Comment: Thunderbolt 3 Crash with High Sierra

2017-11-01 OWC Halloween savings

2017-10-22 Apple Kernel Bug? 2015 iMac 5K Runs at 0.8 GHz When Cold, Even with Warm Air Out Rear Vents

2017-10-12 OWC Mini Travel Dock Handy for Quick Peripheral Usage, SD Card Reader, Pass-Thru Charging, USB Ports

2017-10-06 Out of Space on your 2010-2015 MacBook Pro? SSD Prices Highly Attractive for Upgrading SSD Capacity

2017-09-17 Options for Connecting a Display with Mini DisplayPort or DisplayPort input to a Mac with Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C

2017-09-15 OWC USB-C Mini Travel Dock for Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C Macs such as 2016/2017 MacBook Pro, 2017 iMac 5K

2017-09-08 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Which Mac?

2017-09-04 Deals on Apple MacBook Pro: My Thoughts on Deeply Discounted 2016 Model vs 2017 Model

2017-08-29 Great Deal on 13" MacBook Pro for Student

2017-08-18 Reader Question: Connecting a Dual-Link DVI-D Display to new Macs with Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C

2017-08-11 MacOS Bug: Kernel Task Uses Most or All CPU Cores Continuously (Ambient Temperature Too High)

2017-07-29 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Which Mac? Experience Report / Proving it Out? MacBook Pro = Not so good for big jobs

2017-07-22 2017 iMac 5K: Connecting a Display Done Easily with OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock + Reader Comments

2017-07-21 TESTED: BatPower USB-C High Speed In-Vehicle Charging of 2016/2017 MacBook Pro and 2015 MagSafe MacBook Pro Too!

2017-07-20 2016/2017 MacBook Pro or 2017 iMac 5K: Connecting a Display Done Easily with OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

2017-07-19 Up to $500 off MacBook Pro At B&H Photo

2017-07-19 2017 MacBook Pro vs My 2015 MacBook Pro

2017-07-18 2017 MacBook Pro: Text Search with grep Versus Other Macs (SSD Speed + CPU Speed)

2017-07-18 2017 MacBook Pro: IntegrityChecker Verify

2017-07-18 2017 MacBook Pro and 2017 iMac 5K: Convert 50-Megapixel CR2 Raw to JPEG

2017-07-16 Apple Bug? 2017 MacBook Pro Has Impaired Performance Using Apple Power Brick vs OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock + Why Does 800% CPU Usage Go Into Idle Clock Speed Mode?

2017-07-09 TESTED with Photoshop: 2017 MacBook Pro

2017-07-09 2017 MacBook Pro: SSD Speed is Best Ever

2017-07-09 2017 MacBook Pro: 30-Bit Color (10 Bits per Channel)

2017-07-07 TESTED: BatPower USB-C High Speed Charging of 2016/2017 MacBook Pro in Vehicle

2017-06-30 2017 MacBook Pro: Personal HotSpot via iPhone Does not Work

2017-06-20 Apple MacBook Pro: DC Power Input for Efficient Battery or Car Operation? (bypass DC-AC-DC waste)

2017-06-15 Deals on Apple Macs

2017-06-15 Coming Soon for Review: 2017 MacBook Pro

2017-06-10 Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K Display is Shipping, Dec 2017 iMac Pro Already Behind the Curve

2017-06-05 New iMac 5K, iMac 5K Pro, MacBook and MacBook Pro Models

2017-05-03 OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock: USB SSD Speed via Dock vs Direct Connect

2017-04-30 OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock: SD Card Slot Speed vs Dedicated Card Reader, 2015 MacBook Pro

2017-04-30 OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock: In Hand for Testing

2017-04-24 OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock: 13 Ports that Solve the Compatibility Headaches with the 2016 MacBook Pro

2017-04-16 New Thunderbolt 3 Products from OWC

2017-04-06 macOS 10.12.4: File Sharing Running at a few kilobytes per second

2017-03-29 New Deals on MacBook Pro, Mac Mini

2017-01-25 Touchbar MacBook Pro not Rated for Colder than 50°F — Serious Design Flaw for Active Users?

2017-01-25 Intel 'Kaby Lake' Processors for MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook, etc: Already Way Behind the Curve?

2017-01-11 FOR SALE: Lloyd’s Apple Laptops, NEC Display

2017-01-08 Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K Display Suggests that an iMac 8K is Technically Feasible

2017-01-08 Can a 2016 MacBook Pro support an 8K display?

2017-01-05 LG 5K Display for 2016 MacBook Pro

2017-01-04 OWC Envoy Pro Thunderbolt 3 2TB SSD

2017-01-03 OWC “DEC” for 2016 MacBook Pro

2017-01-03 Desktop CPU Performance at a Standstill?

2017-01-03 A Powerful Argument for a Small Laptop

2017-01-01 2016 MacBook Pro: Test Results vs 2015 MacBook Pro and 13" 2016 MacBook Pro + a Big Surprise

2017-01-01 2016 MacBook Pro: Test Results Updated to include 2015 MacBook Pro and 13-inch 2016 MacBook Pro


2016-12-30 Bought the 2015 MacBook Pro: Best Model for My Usage at a Big Savings

2016-12-29 Another “Going Back” Review of the 2016 MacBook Pro

2016-12-28 Great Deal on 13" MacBook Pro

2016-12-26 Which 13-inch 2016 MacBook Pro? (or MacBook)

2016-12-26 A Slew of Discounts on Apple Macs, iPads

2016-12-23 2016 MacBook Pro: Design by Dilettantes?

2016-12-22 Reader Comment: “Bloomberg piece goes hand-in-hand with today’s article that you posted”

2016-12-13 macOS 10.12.2 Update

2016-12-07 2016 MacBook Pro: Cannot Sustain Performance Under Load — Update

2016-12-03 2016 MacBook Pro: Cannot Sustain Performance Under Load

2016-12-03 2016 MacBook Pro TESTED: Photoshop Filters

2016-12-02 2016 MacBook Pro: Users Report Serious Graphics Glitches, Apple Investigating

2016-12-01 2016 MacBook Pro: Returning it

2016-12-01 2016 MacBook Pro TESTED: Lightroom Import RAW Files

2016-11-30 Budget Macs

2016-11-27 2016 MacBook Pro TESTED: 10-Bit Color With External Display

2016-11-26 Black Friday Specials, Links (updated @ 16:50 PST Nov 26)

2016-11-26 2016 MacBook Pro: Strange Rainbow Beachball Behaviors

2016-11-26 2016 MacBook Pro: Readers Considering 2015 MacBook Pro Instead

2016-11-23 OWC Black Friday Specials

2016-11-22 2016 MacBook Pro: Return It and Stick With 2013 Model?

2016-11-22 2016 MacBook Pro TESTED: Photoshop Performance on Real World Job 'Create Size Variants'

2016-11-21 2016 MacBook Pro TESTED: Photoshop Performance

2016-11-19 2016 MacBook Pro: the SanDisk USB-C Card Reader Does not Work with my Lexar SDXC Cards

2016-11-19 2016 MacBook Pro: USB-C Might Offer Massive Runtime via External Batteries

2016-11-19 2016 MacBook Pro: Configuring the Touchbar Control Strip to Show All Function Keys

2016-11-19 2016 MacBook Pro: Configuring the Touchbar Control Strip

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: the Touchbar Already Saving Me Time

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: the Downsides to a Soldered-on SSD

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: Why I Went With the 2TB SSD

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: System Integrity Protection (SIP) Disabled as Shipped by Apple

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: Siri Icon on the Touchbar is Driving me Crazy

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: Jaw-Dropping SSD Performance

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: Enabling the Startup Chime... does not work

2016-11-18 2016 MacBook Pro: Disappointing 8-Bit Video on Built-In Display

2016-11-17 2016 MacBook Pro: Hangs on Restart, How to Force Reboot?

2016-11-17 2016 MacBook Pro: Arrived, Solving the Adapter Mess

2016-11-08 2016 MacBook Pro: Pros and Cons Abound

2016-11-04 Apple Cuts Prices Substantially on Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C Adapters

2016-11-03 OWC Infographic: Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C

2016-11-02 Reader Comment: Apple Pro Division?

2016-11-02 OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock: 13 Ports that Solve the Compatibility Headaches with the 2016 MacBook Pro

2016-11-02 2016 MacBook Pro: USB-C Might Offer Massive Runtime via External Batteries

2016-11-02 2016 MacBook Pro: High Sales + Schiller on the Omission of an SD Slot

2016-11-02 2016 MacBook Pro: Firewire 800 Compatibility

2016-11-01 2016 MacBook Pro: the 16GB Memory Limit in the + CPU Speed vs Other Macs

2016-11-01 2016 MacBook Pro: What Options I Ordered, and Why

2016-11-01 2016 MacBook Pro: SSD Speed

2016-10-31 Why no Included Adapters with new Macbook Pro?

2016-10-31 Saving up to 8.5GB of Space After Every Apple Xcode Update

2016-10-30 The 'Killer' Feature of the 2016 MacBook Pro : Best Laptop Display Gamut Yet?

2016-10-29 OWC Teardown of 2016 MacBook Pro: SSD is Removable in the 13-inch non-touchbar model

2016-10-29 Compatibility Hardware for Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C Macs (USB, Thunderbolt, Camera Card Readers, etc)

2016-10-27 New Apple MacBook Pro (updated with comments, updated again with solutions)

2016-09-11 macOS Sierra: Uneventful Upgrade for MacBook Pro Retina

2016-09-05 Why Pay Top Dollar for a New Mac for Most All Purposes?

2016-09-04 Big Discount on *Factory Sealed* 2015 Apple MacBook at

2016-09-03 Updated: Diglloyd Photoshop Benchmarks

2016-08-31 Viewing and Backing up Files from a Digital Camera on a Trip

2016-07-25 Looking for a Deal on Apple Mac, iPad? Plus $550 Off 2015 MacBook

2016-06-17 No New Macs at WWDC

2016-06-02 Deals: Rebates on Apple MacBook Pro Retina, Macbook, MacBook Air

2016-05-26 OWC Adds Apple 'BootCamp' (Windows Booting) Support for OWC Aura SSD and Others

2016-05-24 First Look: OWC USB-C Dock

2016-05-18 Apple 2016 MacBook: Real-World Photoshop Performance + IntegrityChecker Speed

2016-05-18 Apple 2016 MacBook: Real-World Photoshop Performance + IntegrityChecker Speed

2016-05-18 Apple 2016 MacBook: CPU Utilization During Network File Copy

2016-05-16 Apple 2016 MacBook: SSD Performance

2016-05-04 Upgrades Make Sense in Many Cases

2016-05-02 B&H Photo Mother’s Day Specials

2016-04-28 What’s Coming in Macs This Year?

2016-04-22 Thunderbolt 3 Brings Many Benefits, but Neither a Seamless nor Immediate Transition

2016-04-20 B&H Photo NAB Specials End 21 April

2016-04-19 Apple Bumps Up the MacBook

2016-04-17 B&H Photo NAB Specials

2016-04-14 OWC Weekender Deals

2016-04-08 SSD Performance: Sufficiency for the CPU Cores

2016-04-06 Upgrading SSD Boot Drive: USABLE Capacity Increase Is Even Better Than It Seems

2016-04-05 REVIEWED: OWC Aura 960GB SSD Upgrade for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Retina

2016-03-15 OWC Introduces 480GB and 1TB SSD Upgrades for 2013 and Later MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina

2016-01-28 Up to $200 Off Macbook and 13" MacBook Pro Retina

2016-01-23 2TB OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD in MacBook Pro

2016-01-20 OWC USB-C Dock for MacBook Now Shipping


2015-12-20 $1799 ($500 off) for Excellent MacBook Pro 15", Recommended Peripherals for Storage, Backup

2015-12-13 Rebates on Macs, $100 Off Apple Watch

2015-12-12 2013 Mac Pro: Video Card Going Bad? Display Signal Problems with Crackling Sound, Reader Confirmation

2015-12-11 OWC Deals

2015-12-06 $500 Off a MacBook Pro Faster than the One I Use for My Professional Photography Field Trips

2015-12-04 OWC Most Popular Items

2015-11-30 Cyber Monday Deals at OWC and B&H Photo

2015-11-23 Parents: Macs Under $1000, and Many More Mac Discounts

2015-11-16 New Discounts on MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro at B&H Photo

2015-11-15 Deals of Note at B&H Photo

2015-11-05 30-bit Color Support in OS X El Capitan with Dual NEC Wide Gamut Display + 32-bit Color

2015-10-21 Apple Core Rot now featured in App Store : OS X Cannot Update Itself Properly

2015-09-05 Use a 4K Display on MacBook Pro Retina: Vertical Orientation

2015-08-26 Back to School Time: a Used Mac for The Kids?

2015-08-25 DEAL: MacBook Pro

2015-07-29 10 Apple Deals at B&H

2015-07-08 OWC Extends Warranty to 2 Years for Thunderbolt 2 Dock Owners

2015-06-28 OK, So Up in the Mountains in a Canyon, Whadya do for Power for a Laptop?

2015-06-22 The Best MacBook Pro for Photographers, Videographers, Power Users

2015-06-19 Reviewed: 2015 Apple MacBook

2015-06-18 Mini Review: 2015 Apple MacBook

2015-06-18 Dell UP2715K: 5K Display: Works on Late 2013 MacBook Pro Also

2015-06-17 Dell UP2715K: 5K Display for Mac

2015-06-15 2015 MacBook Pro: On my Daily Real-World Task, it nearly matches a Souped-Up 2013 Mac Pro!

2015-06-14 2015 MacBook Pro: How Much Faster is it for Real World Daily Work?

2015-06-10 Suggested Accessories for the MacBook Pro

2015-06-10 2015 MacBook Pro: Only the High-End Model supports 5120 X 2880 External Display

2015-06-09 2015 MacBook Pro: Search Speed

2015-06-09 2015 MacBook Pro: Photoshop Performance

2015-06-08 OWC Announces USB-C Dock for new MacBook

2015-06-08 2015 MacBook Pro SSD Speed = Awesome in the Real World Too

2015-06-07 2015 MacBook Pro SSD Speed = Awesome

2015-05-13 Savings on Various Macs (limited time)

2015-04-11 MacBook Pro 13.3-inch 8GB / 256GB with Retina Display for $1249

2015-04-09 MacBook Pro: What Could be Coming Next?

2015-01-12 Reader Feedback: “WORTH it. My drive (SSD) is back and so is my productivity”

2015-01-04 Pathological Network Performance in Apple OS X

2015-01-03 Upgrade to a 1TB Internal SSD in MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air


2014-12-26 Apple Core Rot

2014-07-29 Fast H.264 Video Compression on the MacBook Pro Beats the 2013 Mac Pro

2014-06-25 OWC Ships Thunderbay 4-Drive Solution with Thunderbolt 2

2014-06-21 Reader Feedback: “WORTH it. My drive (SSD) is back and so is my productivity”

2014-05-13 Transcoding Panasonic GH4 UltraHD 4K Video to 1080p: Surprising Speed on 2013 Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro and QuickTime

2014-02-26 2013 Mac Pro: USB3 Performance Impaired Relative to MacBook Pro (Single PCIe Lane Throttles Bandwidth)

2014-01-03 Reviewed: Late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina

2014-01-01 How Fast is the Internal PCIe SSD in the MacBook Pro Retina 'Crystal Well'?


2013-12-31 Used 2.93 GHz Mac Pros and MacBook Pros

2013-12-31 Dual MacBook Pro Retina Experience: One Defective, One Flaky

2013-12-02 Ultra-HD Displays Begin to Appear: 24", 28" and 32" 4K Displays Announced from Dell

2013-10-22 Notes on the Apple 2013 Mac Pro

2013-10-22 Brief Notes on new Apple MacBook Pro

2013-10-03 Making an Old Dog of a Laptop Run Like a New One: Wow!

2013-06-13 15-inch MacBook Pro (non Retina): 16GB Memory Option Removed?

2013-06-11 2013 MacBook Air: Nice Machine Overall

2013-06-08 Will a New Mac Pro Support 4K Displays?

2013-06-07 OWC Garage Sale

2013-05-20 Possible new Retina Displays

2013-05-05 What I want in a MacBook AIr

2013-04-06 Why is a MacBook Pro Retina Faster for Photography than a 12-Core Mac Pro?

2013-03-12 OWC Larry Comments on Memory Price Trends and SSD NAND Supply

2013-02-22 Mac Book Pro with Retina Display — 2.7 GHz Models Differ in On-Chip Cache

2013-02-21 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2013-02-14 Mac Book Pro with Retina Display — Price Drop and Recommendation

2013-01-06 OWC Mercury Aura Pro and Envoy Pro for MacBook Pro Retina (and Air)

2013-01-04 Which Retina Display (Samsung or LG ?) Apple Has a Database Tool


2012-12-11 Photoshop CS6 13.0.2 HiDPI Update — Retina Display Images Look Terrific

2012-12-10 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-11-21 OWC Black Friday Deals for Mac or PC

2012-11-04 MacMini — Digital Camera RAW Conversion vs Mac Pro, MacBook Pro

2012-11-03 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-11-03 MacMini Quad-Core Performance vs MacBook Pro, Mac Pro

2012-10-24 Analysis of the new Mac Pro — Oops Nothing Announced

2012-10-23 MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display — Analysis versus the 15" Model

2012-10-21 MacBook Pro Lineup: Will we ever see built-in Cell Support?

2012-10-19 MacBook Pro with Retina Display — Thoughts on the 13" Model

2012-10-11 MacBook Pro with Retina Display — Thoughts from on the Road and at Home

2012-10-06 16GB Memory for MacBook Pro — No-brainer at $120

2012-09-19 MacBook Pro 13" 2.9 GHz as a Fast Little Server

2012-09-11 2012 MacBook Pro: Powers on By Itself on Rough Roads

2012-09-04 OWC Mercury Helios PCIe Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for Thunderbolt Macs

2012-09-04 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-08-23 OWC Mercury Helios PCIe Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for MacBook Pro

2012-08-23 Getting a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro that’s In Stock (with free shipping)

2012-08-04 MacBook Pro with Retina Display — Screen Burn-in Update

2012-07-22 FOR SALE: my 17" MacBook Pro

2012-07-19 Mac Pro 3.33 GHz 6-core Readily Available

2012-07-13 MacBook Pro Retina Display — Screen Burn-in Absent on Replacement Unit

2012-07-13 Lexar USB3 Card Reader Works on MacBook Pro with Lexar Firmware Update

2012-07-10 How Fast is USB3 on the MacBook Pro 15"?

2012-07-09 Which 15" MacBook Pro to Get? Retina or non-Retina?

2012-07-08 MacBook Pro 15" vs MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display

2012-07-08 MacBook Pro 15" has two 6G SATA Ports that are Reliable and Fast

2012-07-06 1.92TB of Fast SSD Storage in a 15" MacBook Pro

2012-07-05 OWC Elite Pro Mini SSD on MacBook Pro Retina with USB3 = Blazing Fast

2012-07-04 MacBook Pro Retina: Apple Addresses the Non-Upgradeable Memory Omission

2012-07-03 MacBook Pro Retina SSD Speed

2012-07-03 MacBook Pro Retina Display — Screen Burn-In Problem Continues

2012-07-02 Retina Display for Graphs and Similar

2012-07-01 No Way to Lock MacBook Pro Retina?

2012-06-23 MacBook Pro Retina Display — Screen Burn-In — Ghost Images

2012-06-22 OWC 960GB Mercury Electra 3G SSD — Breakthrough SSD Capacity!

2012-06-21 Photoshop CS6: MacBook Pro Retina 2.7 GHz vs MacBook Pro 17" vs Mac Pro

2012-06-21 MacBook Pro Retina: RAW Conversion to JPEG Speed vs MacBook Pro 17"

2012-06-21 MacBook Pro Retina 2.7 GHz — Memory Bandwidth Compared

2012-06-20 Understanding Photoshop and Lightroom Behavior with the MacBook Pro Retina

2012-06-20 Understanding Photoshop and Lightroom Behavior with the MacBook Pro Retina

2012-06-20 Photoshop CS6: MacBook Pro Retina 2.7 GHz vs MacBook Pro 17" 2.5 GHz

2012-06-20 MacBook Pro Retina: Scaling and Display Area

2012-06-20 MacBook Pro Retina Display — Glitches

2012-06-20 Does 1600 MHz Memory Offer Higher Performance than 1333 MHz Memory?

2012-06-19 MacBook Pro Retina First Impressions

2012-06-19 MacBook Pro Retina Display — BREATHTAKING When Presented Correctly

2012-06-18 MacBook Pro with Retina Display — Shipped!

2012-06-16 6G SSD Speed in June 2012 MacBook Pro 15" Optical Drive Bay

2012-06-15 MacBook Pro Retina Display— Beautiful and Looks Bad Too

2012-06-15 Battery Replacement Cost for MacBook Pro Retina

2012-06-14 Have a MacBook Pro Retina For Testing Loan?

2012-06-13 Reader Comment: AppleCare? (and good deals for AppleCare)

2012-06-13 MacBook Pro Retina Teardown

2012-06-12 Which Model of the MacBook Pro Retina?

2012-06-12 MacBook Pro Retina vs MacBook Pro 17" (or 13" or 15")

2012-06-12 Apple Now Uses Sandforce SSDs in MacBook Air

2012-06-11 MacBook Pro with Retina Display

2012-06-11 MacBook Pro Retina has SOLDERED MEMORY

2012-06-11 Get a Better Deal on a MacBook Pro 13"

2012-06-09 Rumored Mac Pro and MacBook Pro Plan

2012-06-03 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-05-16 Thoughts on new Apple MacBook Air (and possible MacBook Pro)

2012-04-18 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-03-19 Memory Price Trends for Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacMini

2012-02-25 OWC SSD Updater and MacBook Pro DataDoubler

2012-02-21 Memory Price Trends for Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacMini

2012-01-19 Where to Buy a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac?


2011-12-17 Price for MacBook Pro 16B Memory Plunges (or 32GB for iMac)

2011-12-09 Deals: Memory Prices for MacBook Pro Plummet, OWC Offers Free Shipping for over $29 orders

2011-11-26 MPG Reader Special Prices at OWC — even lower than Black Friday prices

2011-11-12 Memory Price Trend Graphs Updated

2011-11-11 MacBook Pro Dies In Its Sleep— Runs Hot and Goes Dead

2011-11-11 MacBook Pro 17" 2.5 GHz In the Field vs MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13"

2011-11-01 Memory and Hard Drive Prices: Win Some, Lose Some

2011-11-01 Apple MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Quad-Core with 16GB Memory

2011-10-31 First Look: Apple MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz

2011-10-28 MacBook Pro 17" 2.5GHz On The Way

2011-10-24 MacBook Pro Speed Bump: Faster Than Ever— Make it Even Faster and Save Some Money

2011-10-21 For Sale: my MacBook Air 1.7 GHz

2011-10-19 Price Drop for 8GB Modules for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro

2011-10-11 Price History of Memory for Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac Memory

2011-10-06 Mercury Aura Pro 6G SSD for MacBook Air Impressions

2011-10-05 MacBook Air USB Problems

2011-10-03 Where to Buy a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro

2011-10-03 Bottom Near for MacBook Pro Memory Prices?

2011-09-16 Mercury Aura Pro 6G SSD for MacBook Air

2011-09-15 Apple EFI Firmware Update Fixes Some SATA 6G Problems?

2011-09-09 Memory Prices Stabilize for MacBook Pro

2011-08-15 Get 16GB of Memory for Apple iMac for Only $148!

2011-08-15 Big Price Drop on OWC 16GB Memory Kit for Apple Macbook Pro

2011-08-14 My MacBook Pro 17" Has Gone Back to Apple for A Full Refund

2011-08-09 Memory Prices Drop for MacBook Pro

2011-08-01 MPG Pro Workstation and MPG Pro Laptop Programs NOW AVAILABLE

2011-07-26 To the Summit of White Mountain Peak

2011-07-20 Apple’s July 2011 MacBook Air

2011-07-14 Mac Memory Prices Slump Some More

2011-07-04 Sustained Transfer Speed — OWC 480GB 6G SSD in 2011 MacBook Pro, 6G Port

2011-07-04 My 17" MacBook Pro Lemon Still Has SATA 6G Problems

2011-06-27 Mac Memory Prices Continue to Drop

2011-06-07 2011 MacBook Pro: Will Apple Fix the 6G SATA Bugs?

2011-06-01 Memory Price Trends for Mac Pro and MacBook Pro and iMac

2011-05-20 Apple Slipstreaming Dual 6GB SATA III Ports into 13/15/17" MacBook Pro — But Don’t Assume it Functions

2011-05-13 OWC SuperSlim Turns Any MacBook Pro Internal Optical Drive Into An External Enclosure Drive

2011-05-05 OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express 480GB SSD For 2010 Apple MacBook Air

2011-05-05 120GB Intel 510 6G SSD Performance in MacBook Pro

2011-05-04 My Original 17" MacBook Pro Headed To Apple For Testing

2011-05-03 Replacement 17" MacBook Pro works GREAT with OWC 6G SSD

2011-05-03 Apple’s Sandy Bridge iMac Arrives

2011-05-02 Replacement MacBook Pro Due Thursday May 5, Will Retest

2011-04-28 MacBook Pro Memory Prices Are Steady, Cheap for 8GB, Pricey for 16GB

2011-04-27 Prices at Rock Bottom for 4GB, 8GB Mac Pro Memory Modules

2011-04-22 Followup on 17" MacBook Pro Issues — Problems Have Not Gone Away

2011-04-21 OWC 6G 240GB SSD — WOW! Blazing Fast with Photoshop CS5 and File Copies

2011-04-20 Could There Be a New Mac Pro Coming?

2011-04-17 Brand-new 17" MacBook Pro Performs Brilliantly with OWC 6G SSD

2011-04-15 Aluminum Foil Fix For Your 17" 2011 MacBook Pro SATA 6G Problems

2011-04-14 OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD Results on 15" 2.2GHz MacBook Pro Core i7

2011-04-14 Another MacBook Pro Arrives Today— Resuming Testing With OWC 6G SSD

2011-04-13 Suspicious MacBook Pro Internal SATA cable— Deferring Tests on 2011 MBP

2011-04-13 OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD Tested In 2010 Mac Pro Internal 3 Gb SATA II Port

2011-04-13 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Performance with OWC 6G SSD on 2011 MacBook Pro

2011-04-12 New OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD — Perfect Match For The 2011 MacBook Pro?

2011-04-12 First Test Results With OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G Solid State Drive (SSD)

2011-03-30 Intel 510 SATA III 6 Gbps SSD Fails to Format in 2011 Apple MacBook Pro

2011-03-23 OWC SSDs and Sleep with MacBook Pro

2011-03-22 Mac OS X 10.6.7 Update Fixes Black Screen Issue For NEC Displays

2011-03-21 Hibernate Mode With OWC SSDs, and All Sandforce-based SSDs

2011-03-20 The Changing Solid State Drive Landscape

2011-03-19 New Intel Xeon E3 Chips For Servers or Possibly the Mac Pro

2011-03-13 Extending Battery Life on the Apple MacBook Pro by Disabling Discrete Graphics

2011-03-10 MacBook Pro With 16GB Makes All the Difference for Big Jobs

2011-03-10 2011 MacBook Pro Tests Updated To Include 2.8GHz Mac Pro — Wow!

2011-03-09 Photoshop CS5 Tests Updated for 16GB Memory in MacBook Pro, 2.8GHz Mac Pro

2011-03-09 Photoshop CS5 Tests Updated for 16GB Memory in MacBook Pro, 2.8GHz Mac Pro

2011-03-09 Is 32GB for iMac Coming Next?

2011-03-07 “Secret” Firmware Update Allows 2008 MacBook Pro to use 8GB Memory

2011-03-07 Memory, CPU and Compute Speed Results for 2011 MacBook Pro 2.3Ghz 4-Core

2011-03-06 Results for Bibble Pro and Aperture added to 2011 MacBook Pro 4-core Review

2011-03-05 Apple SSD TRIM Status on Mac OS X 10.6.6 With 2011 MacBook Pro

2011-03-04 More 2011 MacBook Pro Test Results

2011-03-03 Tests of 2011 MacBook Pro 2.3GHz 4-Core vs 2010 2.66 GHz 2-core, Mac Pro

2011-02-28 New Apple MacBook Pro SATA Ports— SATA 6Gb/s and SATA 3Gb/s

2011-02-27 Buying a New MacBook Pro or Other Mac?

2011-02-26 Upgrading MacBook Pro Memory Does Not Affect the Apple Warranty

2011-02-26 Key Feature Differences with the 13/15/17-inch MacBook Pro Models

2011-02-26 Configuring the 2011 Quad-Core Apple MacBook Pro

2011-02-26 Astonishingly FAST Solid State Drives (SSD) Coming Soon

2011-02-25 Thoughts on Thunderbolt

2011-02-25 The 2011 Quad-Core Apple MacBook Pro

2011-01-28 Memory Prices at rock bottom for Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac

2011-01-23 Thoughts on the future of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

2011-01-09 Apple MacBook Air Reviewed, Especially For Photographers


2010-12-11 Update on Memory Prices for Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac

2010-12-02 MacBook Air Solid State Drive (SSD) Performance

2010-11-28 Memory Prices Plummet: Save $465 on 8GB MacBook Pro Memory, Save $1000 on 12GB Mac Pro Memory

2010-11-06 Case Study: Upgrading the 2010 MacBook Pro for Photoshop and Lightroom

2010-10-30 Reader Feedback on Mac Pro Setup and more

2010-10-29 MacBook Air — Comparing to MacBook Pro 13"

2010-09-24 User Delighted with Photoshop CS5 Optimization

2010-07-08 Connecting a MacBook Pro or iMac or Mac Pro to a DisplayPort Monitor (Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable)

2010-06-22 Dual internal Drives in a MacBook Pro with “OWC Data Doubler” Bracket

2010-06-15 Cost Effective Reliable Backup and Storage

2010-05-30 How to save 8GB of space on your MacBook Pro boot drive!

2010-05-29 Speed and reliability in your MacBook Pro When Traveling — Solid State Drives (SSD)

2010-05-27 Memory prices drop for MacBook Pro 8GB kit

2010-05-26 Should You Opt for Apple’s solid state drive?

2010-05-22 MacBook Pro Core i7 anti-glare screen in stock at B&H Photo

2010-05-22 Fast and ample storage in a MacBook Pro with 480GB SSD and 1TB HDD

2010-05-17 eSATA for the MacBook Pro (or Windows/Linux)

2010-05-14 MacBook Pro SSD single drive and RAID stripe vs hard drive

2010-04-26 Special report: Virtual Memory Performance on Apple MacBook Pro

2010-04-26 MacBook Pro Core i7 SATA performance is top-notch!

2010-04-22 RAW file processing on Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 with Lightroom, Aperture, CaptureONE Pro, DPP, NX2

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