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Apple 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra

World’s fastest desktop?.

Apple 2022 MacBook Pro M2 Max

World’s fastest laptop, beats nearly all desktops..

Apple 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max

Trouncing Intel-based laptops and desktops alike..

Apple iMac 5K (October 2020)

Rocking fast iMac with 8 cores and up to 128GB..

Apple Mac Pro (December 2019)

Workhorse desktop tower..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (June 2017)

Improved performance over 2016 model..

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (late 2016)

Touchbar, wide gamut, unrivalled SSD..

Thunderbolt peripherals

Reviews of Thunderbolt products..

OWC Thunderbay 4 Mini

High performance with 2.5-inch hard drives or SSDs..

OWC 40TB SSD (in Thunderbay 4 Mini)

Ultra high flat-line performanc in 40 Terabyte capacity.

OWC Thunderbay IV / 4 Thunderbolt Enclosure

High performance with hard drives or SSDs..

Apple 2017 iMac Pro

High-end computing moves to the iMac form factor..

Apple 2017 iMac 5K

Even better than the 2015 model..

Apple 2015 iMac 5K

5K Display, blazingly fast SSD.

Apple 2014 iMac 5K

World’s first 5K Display.

Apple Dec 2013 Mac Pro

Choosing among 4/6/8/12 cores, GPUs, memory, flash..

Memory Configuration in 2013 Mac Pro

32GB, 64GB or 128GB?.

Understanding Thunderbolt and USB3 Performance with the 2013 Mac Pro

Using the right ports is critical to performance..

2013 Mac Pro Performance

Performance of the 2013 Mac Pro..

2013 Mac Pro GPU Benefits

GPU vs CPU Performance..

Transitioning to the 2013 Mac Pro

Peripherals and add-ons forexisting hardware..

How To Guides

How to perform useful tasks and upgrades..

Easy Thunderbolt Networking (10 Gigabit)

Networking as fast as an SSD!.

Upgrading Your Mac

When and Why to Upgrade Your Mac..

Optimizing Photoshop CS6 / Creative Cloud Performance

Preferred configuration for best performance..

Strange but True: Photoshop CS5 Performance

What you should know about CS5 performance..

Optimizing Photoshop CS5 Performance

The best hardware and configuration for Photoshop CS5..

Optimizing Photoshop CS4 Performance

How to configure a Mac to maximize Photoshop CS3/CS4 performance..

Optimizing Other Photography Software

Speedups for working with images..

Optimizing Mac Performance

Learn about Activity Monitor and understand how CPU cores, processes, memory use, and software scalability affect performance..

Optimizing Video/DVD and Other Software

How to make your software run faster on the same hardware!.

Mac Performance 101: Cores, Processes, Memory

Monitoring tips and application CPU core scorecard..

Quick Links for Buying

Where to go to buy Macs and related items..

Choosing and Configuring a Mac

An in-depth look at how to find the right Mac setup for you.

How to Buy / What to Buy

Nuts and bolts of buying a Mac, and recommended extras..

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Special Report: Upgrade Now or Wait?.

Apple July 2010 iMac 27-inch Quad-Core

Just how fast is Apple’s new quad-core iMac?.

Fast and Reliable Hardware RAID

How fast and reliable can RAID-0, RAID-5 and RAID-6 go using an 8-drive mini-SAS box and a hardware RAID card?.

Apple Mac Pro Westmere 4/6/8/12-Core (Aug 2010)

Choosing among 4/6/8/12 cores, and is 2010 Mac Pro faster or better than 2009 model?.

  1. Mac Pro Westmere Introduction
  2. Which Mac Pro CPU for Photography, Video, Sound?
  3. Mac Pro Westmere Clock Speed, Cores, and Cache
  4. 2014 Update: Adobe Photoshop CC Scalability
  5. When More Is Less: Photoshop Slower With 12 Cores Than 6
  6. Mac Pro Westmere Estimating CPU Performance
  7. Mac Pro Westmere Hits and Misses
  8. Mac Pro Westmere Ordering Tips: What to Get and What to Skip
  9. Mac Pro Westmere Solid State Drive Option
  10. Mac Pro Westmere How Much Memory and Where to Buy
  11. Mac Pro Westmere Value Compared to Quad-Core iMac
  12. Mac Pro Westmere Internal SATA Bandwidth
  13. Mac Pro Westmere Test Machine Configuration
  14. Mac Pro Westmere Photoshop Performance: diglloydSpeed1
  15. Mac Pro Westmere Photoshop Performance: diglloydMedium
  16. Mac Pro Westmere Photoshop Performance: diglloydHuge
  17. Mac Pro Westmere Photoshop CS5 Panorama (Auto Align and Auto Blend)
  18. Mac Pro Westmere Digital Camera RAW File Processing Speed (Bibble Pro)
  19. Mac Pro Westmere RAW-file Import with Adobe Lightroom 3
  20. Mac Pro Westmere RAW-file Import with Phase One Capture One
  21. Mac Pro Westmere RAW-file Import with Apple Aperture 3
  22. Mac Pro Westmere RAW-file Processing with Canon Digital Photo Professional
  23. Mac Pro Westmere RAW-file Processing with Nikon Capture NX2
  24. Mac Pro Westmere Performance with PhotoZoom Pro
  25. Mac Pro Westmere Performance with Helicon Focus
  26. Mac Pro Westmere Performance with PTGui Pro
  27. Mac Pro Westmere XCode C++ Build
  28. Mac Pro Westmere Real World Memory Bandwidth
  29. Mac Pro Westmere Performance with Apple Logic Studio
  30. Mac Pro Westmere Performance with Adobe After Effects
  31. Mac Pro Westmere Performance with Handbrake Video Encoding
  32. Mac Pro Westmere Cinebench CPU and GPU
  33. Mac Pro Westmere Conclusions

Shootout: 8-core 2.93GHz or Quad-Core 3.33GHz?

Why 4 cores are often faster than 8!.

Optimizing Mac Application Performance

Optimizing specific application performance..

OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe RAID SSD

Ultra-fast solid state storage with hardware RAID for a Mac Pro in a PCIe slot..

OWC Mercury Accelsior Pro Q

Ultra-fast PCIe SSD for Classic Mac Pro or Thunderbolt Macs.

OWC Mercury Electra 960GB 3G SSD

Huge capacity in a speedy SATA SSD..

Solid State Drives, Various

SSDs and thumb drives..

OWC SSDs, Various

Various SATA and USB SSDs..

OWC Mercury Aura SSD for Mac Pro

High Capacity internal SSD for 2013 Mac Pro..

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 3G Solid State Drives

Fast and durable, enterprise-grade solid state drives..

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Choosing and using solid state drives..

Apple Mac Mini (Late 2012)

Apple’s first USB3 MacMini..

Apple iMac 3.4 GHz (Late 2012)

Apple’s fastest Mac as of Jan 2013?.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Quad-Core (June 2012)

Apple’s 2012 MacBook Pro Retina Display..

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Quad-Core (June 2012)

Apple’s 2012 MacBook Pro (non Retina)..

Apple MacBook Pro Quad-Core (February 2011)

A review of Apple’s first quad-core laptop..

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 (April 2010)

A review of Apple’s first Core i7 laptop..

OWC Portable Dual-Drive RAID-0 or RAID-1 Mini Enclosures

Dual-drive externals for travel or compact backup..

Mac Pro Memory

2009/2010 Mac Pro Memory — How Much for Performance?.

Drives and Expansion and Various

Reviews of various hardware and software..

Mac Pro Early 2009 (Nehalem)

Configuring and optimizing..

Desktop Hard Drives

Performance and use..

HGST 8TB Ultrastar He8

Outstanding high-capacity enterprise hard drive..

Laptop Hard Drives

Technical performance data..

Core Rot at Apple

The worrisome decline of OS X quality and integrity..

Older storage interfaces

Modern Macs use USB3 and Thunderbolt..

Blog posts


2023-08-07 Some Praise of 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra and (mostly) macOS Ventura

2023-08-02 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra: Sleep/Wakeup Causes Drastic Loss of Performance for both CPU and GPU — FIXED in macOS Ventura 13.5

2023-07-28 That Internal USB Port inside the 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra

2023-07-19 Slowdown/Performance Variation with 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max... Ambient Temperature? Apparently not

2023-07-19 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra: pair of OWC Accelsior 8M2 does 40 GB/sec?

2023-07-18 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra: Sleep/Wakeup Causes Drastic Loss of Performance for both CPU and GPU

2023-07-18 REVIEWED: 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra (UPDATED with corrected graphs)

2023-07-18 Apple 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra: Buggy Performance with GPU and CPU that Requires Reboot to Fix

2023-07-18 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra: Dropping CPU Performance at 3 or more CPU Cores

2023-07-18 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra: Large Losses in CPU and GPU Performance; Rebooting Recovers temporarily

2023-07-16 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra: Large Losses in GPU Performance Require Reboot

2023-07-15 Bleeding Edge Computing: In Less than 24 hours, macOS Ventura Seemingly Self Destructs (kernel panic with 4 or more NVMe SSDs)

2023-07-15 JDK 21 Goes Crypto Native on Apple Silicon: 4X Faster IntegrityChecker, 2X Speed of Intel

2023-07-15 macOS Ventura Setup on 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra — kills an entire work day

2023-06-05 Apple 2023 Mac Pro M2 Ultra/Max and Apple 2023 Mac Studio M2 Ultra/Max

2023-02-16 REVIEWED: 2022 MacBook Pro M2 Max

2023-01-24 The Anxiety Inducing Experience of Updating macOS Monterey


2022-11-10 macOS Monterey Update 12.6.1 Tends to Kernel Panic Machines Using SoftRAID —  Apple XProtect Bug?

2022-11-09 macOS Monterey Update 12.6.1 Won’t Sleep Display

2022-11-09 macOS Monterey Locks Me Out of my 2019 Mac Pro after Shutown/Reboot, Both Admin Accounts Kaput

2022-07-14 2019 Mac Pro vs Mac Studio M1 Ultra: USB Speed Differs with many things, such as OWC Envoy Pro EX 8TB USB-C SSD

2022-06-25 Scalability of Focus Stacking: Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra vs Apple 2019 Mac Pro 28-Core XEON W

2022-06-24 Reader Comments on Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra

2022-06-21 TESTED: Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra: Adobe Lightroom Import/Export

2022-03-02 macOS Monterey Locks Me Out of my 2019 Mac Pro after Reboot, Repudiating my Login Password

2022-02-14 macOS Monterey: Constantly Loses 2nd Display Coming out of Sleep, Forces me to Reboot 2-3 Times Every Day — Thunderbolt = voodoo

2022-01-26 TESTED: Apple 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max — a Stunning Performer That Crushes Intel-Based Macs

2022-01-10 REVIEWED: 2020 iMac 5K vs 2019 iMac 5K vs 2019 Mac Pro

2022-01-01 SHA-512 Hashing Speed in Java: 2019 Mac Pro, 2019 iMac 5K, 2020 iMac 5K, 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max


2021-12-27 MacOS Big Sur Dec 14 Update: Reboots 2019 Mac Pro Continually

2021-11-23 Computing Suggestions Aimed at Photographers and Videographers— Macs, Storage, Connectivity

2021-10-29 How to More than Double I/O Speed for Validation of Data Integrity of Large Amounts of Data (IntegrityChecker)

2021-10-26 OWC Accelsior 8M2 PCIe SSD offers up to 64TB of Blazing-Fast Storage Capacity

2021-10-21 Will We Have an Apple M1 Max Duo and Quad in 2022? Intel-Based Solutions to Become Performance Dinosaurs Overnight?

2021-10-20 Can the Apple M1 Max chip be Scaled to 25 CPU Cores and 80 GPU Cores by late 2022 via TSMC 3nm Technology?

2021-10-20 AppleCare Now Extends Beyond 3 Years, and Two Ways to Do So

2021-10-20 The 'Killer' Mac that Apple is NOT Offering, and Might Never  — the Apple Mac Workhorse

2021-10-04 Checking for Data Corruption after macOS Hoses Your System

2021-10-04 macOS Big Sur Locks Me Out of my 2019 Mac Pro after Kernel Panic, Repudiating my Login Password

2021-08-26 Can’t Apple Release a macOS that is Reliable?! Kernel Panics

2021-08-02 Apple M2 Macs: What Pros Need to Know in a Nutshell

2021-05-18 Apple Readies new Crop of Pro Mac using Apple M1/M2 Chip Technology

2021-05-18 Reader Comment: sticking with Mac vs transitioning to a PC

2021-05-11 macOS Big Sur 11.3 Reader Comment: Multiple Issues including Kernel Panics

2021-04-04 Display Connections for HDMI/DisplayPort Displays on 2019 Mac Pro or Other Macs

2021-03-05 Apple Core Rot: the Arrogance of Apple User Interface Design in macOS Big Sur

2021-03-01 “Upgraded” to macOS Big Sur on 2019 Mac Pro — No Workflow Benefits, All Downside So Far


2020-12-14 Apple Security Update Causes Two Kernel Panics, Won’t Boot Once, Screws Up Displays, and DATA LOSS PROBLEMS

2020-08-29 Apple Core Rot: recent Apple macOS Catalina Update Crashes Mac Pro every other night with kernel panic: “thunderbolt power on failed”

2020-08-07 Reader Comment: “Loss of confidence in Apple, what are our options?"

2020-08-05 Apple 2020 iMac 5K: some Nice New Options but with Downsides for Pro Users, Too

2020-07-28 It’s Almost Too Late to Get the Last Mac that Can Run Mojave

2020-07-02 TESTED: 16TB OWC Accelsior 4M2 PCIe SSD

2020-06-27 Daily Aggravation with macOS Catalina Sleep Problems: Still the Same Piece of Shit as 4 Months Ago

2020-05-18 2019 Mac Pro and Kernel Panics with PCIe Cards

2020-02-21 macOS Catalina: System Sleep Frequently Fails

2020-02-15 $500 Off Apple Mac Pro at B&H Photo, $300 Off 16" MacBook Pro, iMac Too

2020-02-01 macOS Catalina 10.15.3 Disables all of my Samsung T5 Backup Drives

2020-02-01 macOS Catalina 10.15.3 vs 10.15.2: Consistent Performance Losses in Photoshop CC 21.0.3 vs 21.0.2

2020-01-29 2018 Mac mini has Serious Trouble Syncing with Display via either HDMI or DisplayPort

2020-01-29 Why I Returned the 16-Core 2019 Mac Pro... Wanted 28 Cores!

2020-01-18 Caution for Those Working with Color-Calibrated Displays: macOS Catalina Resets Display Profile

2020-01-10 GPU and Thunderbolt 3 Bandwidth: Why the AMD Radeon Pro W5700X Might be a Better Choice than the AMD Radeon Pro Vega II: Display Stream Compression Support

2020-01-07 Eye-Burning Bug in macOS Catalina on 2019 Mac Pro: LG 5K Display Resets to Maximum Brightness Every Reboot

2020-01-05 2019 Mac Pro: Detailed Analysis of Phase One Capture One 20 Performance, GPU and CPU Utilization

2020-01-05 OWC Mercury Accelsior M42 PCIe SSD: Running Two of Them Independently — Awesomely Fast (but don’t stripe 8 blades yet)

2020-01-05 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Display Will Not Re-Sync with NEC PA302W after Coming Out of Sleep + Base Video Card vs Other Cards, Thunderbolt 3 Ports

2020-01-05 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Apple’s Intel Xeon W CPUs Have a Lot More Cache than Intel Specifications

2020-01-04 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: MUCH Slower CPU Cores than 2019 iMac 5K, but Lots More of 'em

2020-01-04 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: a Quick Look at How I Configured the Beast

2020-01-03 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: OWC 32GB Modules Show 1/3 Higher Bandwidth than Apple 8GB Modules

2020-01-02 2019 Mac Pro: Hardware Elegance, macOS Crapalina Belongs in the Toilet

2020-01-01 OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD: Fasted SSD MPG has ever Tested, by 2X

2020-01-01 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Not All Memory is the Same Speed, Mixing Sizes Not so Good


2019-12-31 Geeking Out on New Year’s Eve, with 🍾Bubbles

2019-12-26 On the Way for Testing: 2019 Mac Pro 16-core / 48GB / 4TB

2019-12-20 OWC Delivers up to 512GB in 2017 iMac Pro (prior limit was 256GB)


2019-12-19 2019 Mac Pro: the 8/12/16 Core CPUs Can Use 1TB Memory (24/28 Cores Not required)

2019-12-18 2019 Mac Pro: Most likely Slower than 2019 iMac 5K Unless Gobs of Memory or GPU or CPU Cores are Used

2019-12-18 2019 Mac Pro: Tips for Upgrading Memory

2019-12-18 2019 Mac Pro: Apple Reference Articles and Specifications

2019-12-18 HUGE Savings on Mac Pro Memory at OWC

2019-12-18 Factory refurbished Apple iMac Pro at a great price from OWC

2019-12-18 Reader Question: Top-End 2018 MacBook Pro Screaming Deal?

2019-12-13 The Good Stuff for Your 2019 Mac Pro

2019-12-10 Apple Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR Now Available for Pre-Order at B&H Photo

2019-12-08 Consult with Lloyd for the best possible Mac for you Computing Needs (or general PC configuration)

2019-11-17 Why I Might Have to Abandon the 2019 iMac 5K

2019-06-28 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Made in China

2019-06-27 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Everything I Want... but Truly High-End and Unaffordable for Most

2019-05-02 How Much are GPU and CPU Cores used by Photoshop Filters?

2019-04-17 OWC Can Upgrade the iMac Pro to 256GB

2019-04-16 OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD: up to 2TB of Super Fast SSD in Your MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini Models up

2019-03-18 Apple iMac Pro: Higher-End Graphics Option, and up to 256GB Memory

2019-03-18 Apple 2019 iMac 5K: Two Hits with One Big Miss

2019-03-02 Reader Question: Moving from a 2010 Mac Pro to Newer Mac such as 2018 Mac mini (UPDATED with Reader Comments)

2019-02-09 Apple 2017 iMac 5K is a Terrific Machine, but Too Often It Impedes My Work


2018-11-23 Black Friday Deals at OWC

2018-09-04 Reader Comments: Configuring the 2018 MacBook Pro as as Desktop Replacement

2018-07-28 Reader Comment: Which Mac for Video?

2018-07-16 Pondering the 2018 Apple MacBook Pro: Serves Little Useful Purpose for *Me* Even for Travel—I Await a Revised iMac or iMac Pro

2018-06-14 Using an old Apple 30-inch Cinema Display on an iMac Pro

2018-05-15 Thunderbolt Bug: Drives Disconnect at Random and Intermittent Times

2018-05-07 Overheating Can Kill Optical Thunderbolt 2 Cables, Root Cause is the Mac Itself (Thermal Dumping)

2018-03-07 Lots of Shootouts: 2017 iMac Pro 18-core vs 2017 iMac 5K

2018-03-07 iMac Pro 18-core Rocks Delivers Unprecedented Performance Gains for Adobe Lightroom, Trouncing the 2017 iMac 5K

2018-03-04 What Can an iMac Pro 18 Core Do? Require Special Restoration Procedures when Semi-Bricking Itself

2018-02-27 What Can an iMac Pro 18 Core Do? Go into Infinite Reinstall Loop

2018-02-24 Apple Needs to Rethink Activity Monitor for High Core Count Machines

2018-02-24 What Can an iMac Pro 18 Core Do? Destroy Its Boot Volume Rendering Itself Unbootable

2018-02-14 What Can an iMac Pro 18 Core Do? Coming Next Week to Find Out

2018-01-25 Reader Comment: LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt 3 Storage Dock

2018-01-21 2TB LaCie Bolt: Uses Two 'Blades' So Can Run as RAID-0 Stripe (default) or RAID-1 Mirror or Two Independent Volumes

2018-01-17 macOS 10.13.2 and Disk Utility = Atrocious Bug-Ridden Disaster

2018-01-15 Helicon Focus 7.0: Huge Improvement in Scalability for High Core Count Machines

2018-01-13 $1000 Off Apple iMac Pro at Micro Center

2018-01-12 iMac Pro: Speed with Helicon Focus

2018-01-12 What Might a 2018 iMac 5K Include?

2018-01-11 Apple Quality Control: Enough is Enough

2018-01-10 How Fast is the Apple iMac Pro for RAW File Conversion?

2018-01-09 2TB LaCie Bolt: Maxes Out Thunderbolt 3 Bus for Reads, Very Fast Writes, Beats iMac Pro SSD for Reads 1MB and Smaller

2018-01-09 Perspective on Just What a Deal an iMac 5K or iMac Pro is Versus Historical Cost

2018-01-09 SoftRAID Issue on the iMac Pro: Keeps Reintalling Driver and Rebooting

2018-01-08 Thoroughly TESTED: Apple iMac Pro vs 2017 iMac 5K and Others

2018-01-07 Apple iMac Pro: First Look at Performance

2018-01-07 macOS Compatibility Problems with iMac Pro with both High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88) and Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1114)

2018-01-07 Testing the 2017 iMac Pro against the 2017 iMac 5K and 2013 Mac Pro and 2010 Mac Pro

2018-01-02 New Year’s Resolution for Apple: Can We Please Have macOS 'Sobered Up' in 2018? Keychain Crash and Others—macOS Increasingly Unstable = Unacceptable


2017-12-29 iMac Pro in Stock at B&H Photo + Year-End Deals

2017-12-27 OWC Tears Down the 2017 iMac Pro, Announces Future Memory Upgrade Programs

2017-12-27 OWC Unboxing Videos for iMac Pro, Teardown to Follow Soon

2017-12-27 OWC Unboxing Videos for iMac Pro, Teardown to Follow Soon

2017-12-23 Why More CPU Cores Often Run no Faster, and Sometimes Slower than Fewer CPU Cores

2017-12-23 Turbo Boost and the Intel Xeon W CPUs in the Apple iMac Pro

2017-12-20 iMac Pro Models for Photographers

2017-12-18 4-Core CPUs do not Leave Much Grunt for Other Tasks: Cloning Can Use all Available CPUs in a 4-Core Mac

2017-12-14 iMac Pro: Pricing and Thoughts

2017-12-13 iMac Pro: Downclocked CPUs

2017-12-03 Wither the iMac Pro?

2017-12-03 FOR SALE: 2013 Mac Pro 3.3 GHz 8-Core + NEC PA322UHD 4K Display

2017-11-30 Switched to 2017 iMac 5K as Primary Machine: Details on Gear I’m Using

2017-11-27 Using Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports to Build Out a System

2017-11-25 OWC Black Friday Door Busters end Sunday Nov 26

2017-11-24 macOS High Sierra APFS Performance is Inferior to HFS on Apple’s Fastest SSD: all cost, no benefit, at least not yet

2017-11-23 Why I Probably Will Never Buy a Mac Pro Again

2017-11-23 Choosing a Photography Workstation Setup for 2018 Usage

2017-11-22 Black Friday DoorBuster Deals at OWC

2017-11-20 Ordered a 2017 iMac 5K: Why Now and what about iMac Pro?

2017-11-11 Reader Question: Best Mac if Buying Now

2017-10-18 Will the iMac Pro Be Worth The Cost?

2017-09-08 Will the iMac Pro Be Worth The Cost?

2017-09-08 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Which Mac?

2017-09-03 Reasons that ECC Memory Matters

2017-07-29 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Which Mac? Experience Report / Proving it Out? MacBook Pro = Not so good for big jobs

2017-06-17 Comparing the 2017 iMac 5K to the iMac Pro

2017-06-15 Deals on Apple Macs

2017-06-10 Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K Display is Shipping, Dec 2017 iMac Pro Already Behind the Curve

2017-06-07 Assessing the Dec 2017 Apple iMac Pro

2017-05-19 Big Discounts on Mac Pro and iMac 5K

2017-05-11 Mac Users Want NVIDIA GPUs, Apple Keeps Doing AMD—a Disconnect a Future Mac Pro Might Resolve

2017-05-05 Great Deals on 10 Core Mac Pro

2017-04-11 Which is faster for RAW File Conversion, CPU or GPU?

2017-04-07 Desired Features for 2018/2019 Mac Pro

2017-04-06 Apple’s Promised Mac Pro Powerhouse

2017-04-06 macOS 10.12.4: File Sharing Running at a few kilobytes per second

2017-04-05 Apple’s Rare and Very Welcome Hints at Future Mac Pro and iMac

2017-03-28 Caution on macOS 10.12.4: sudo is broken, sudo hangs before password for nearly 5 minutes

2017-03-27 OWC Accelsior Pro Q Speed vs Transfer Size

2017-03-25 TESTED: OWC Accelsior Pro Q PCIe SSD for 2010/2012 Mac Pro or any Thunderbolt Mac (via Helios Enclosure)

2017-03-12 When Will a new iMac and Mac Pro Arrive?

2017-03-06 OWC Nearly Doubles PCIe SSD Performance with Accelsior Q

2017-02-28 Tim Cook and Support for Pro Users

2017-02-23 Will the next Apple Mac Pro (if any) be the Final Straw that Puts the Nail in the 'Pro' Coffin?

2017-01-10 macOS BloatWare (and what feels like SpyWare)

2017-01-09 The GPU remains a Science Fair Project

2017-01-03 Desktop CPU Performance at a Standstill?


2016-12-30 Bought the 2015 MacBook Pro: Best Model for My Usage at a Big Savings

2016-12-26 Clean Dust Off Computer Innards for Longer Service Life

2016-12-26 Reader Comment: “iMac is a ticking bomb sealed inside a locked aluminum showcase”

2016-12-25 Desired Features for a New Mac Pro

2016-12-25 Desired Features for a New iMac

2016-12-23 2016 MacBook Pro: Design by Dilettantes?

2016-12-21 OWC 40TB SSD Performance as Photoshop Scratch Drive

2016-11-10 Marco Arment: “A world without the Mac Pro”

2016-11-01 2016 MacBook Pro: the 16GB Memory Limit in the + CPU Speed vs Other Macs

2016-10-18 New Macs Coming?

2016-09-05 Why Pay Top Dollar for a New Mac for Most All Purposes?

2016-08-13 diglloydTools IntegrityChecker 'icj' beta 6 now posted

2016-08-10 Deals at MacSales — 6 Core Mac Pro and More...

2016-07-08 Apple Knows Better: Your Needs as a Traditional Mac User do not Matter — Has Apple Abandoned the Creative Community?

2016-06-17 No New Macs at WWDC

2016-06-01 Withered Apple: Whither Macs with Thunderbolt 3? WWDC Announcements?

2016-05-26 Zerene Stacker: Good Example of a Program that Uses all the CPU Cores

2016-05-12 OWC Weekender Specials: Deep Discounts on Apple Mac Pro and Memory

2016-05-09 Photoshop CC 2015 Now Uses all the CPU Cores for RAW-File Conversion

2016-05-04 Upgrades Make Sense in Many Cases

2016-05-02 B&H Photo Mother’s Day Specials

2016-04-28 What’s Coming in Macs This Year?

2016-04-17 8TB HGST Ultrastar He8 Hard Drive in 2009 Mac Pro Internal Bay (DiskTester fill-volume)

2016-04-11 Late 2015 Apple iMac 5K: a Display Without Peer for Sheer Viewing Pleasure

2016-04-05 Thunderbolt on OS X: Spontaneous Drive Disconnect

2016-03-01 Photography / Videography: Enhancing your iMac 5K (or Mac Pro)

2016-02-22 Reader Question: Mac Pro Upgrade or Replace?

2016-01-12 Price Drop on 4TB Internal SSD for 2013 Mac Pro, 6TB Hard Drives, 1TB SSDs, USB3 Hub


2015-12-27 End of the Year: 3 Days Left for Small Business to Write off that new Computer, Camera, etc

2015-12-26 Wow! Up to 4TB Internal SSD in 2013 Mac Pro

2015-12-17 Why I Use Three NEC Displays on Mac Pro

2015-12-15 2013 Mac Pro: Video Glitches Gone for 3 Days Now, After PRAM and SMC Reset

2015-12-12 2013 Mac Pro: Video Card Going Bad? Display Signal Problems with Crackling Sound, Reader Confirmation

2015-12-05 iMac 5K (Late 2015) vs Mac Pro: XCode Build diglloydTools

2015-12-03 iMac 5K vs Mac Pro: Iridient Developer: Convert 50-Megapixel Images to 16-bit TIF

2015-12-02 iMac 5K vs Mac Pro: PhotoZoom Pro

2015-12-02 OWC Deals, Including Sealed-Box Mac Pro

2015-12-01 iMac 5K (Late 2015): Bridges the Gap to the Mac Pro—It’s a Keeper

2015-11-23 iMac 5K (Late 2015) with 64GB: the Key to Professional Usage

2015-11-21 iMac 5K (Late 2015) vs Mac Pro: Real World Photoshop Performance

2015-11-20 Late 2015 iMac 5K: Photoshop Filters vs Mac Pro

2015-11-20 Late 2015 iMac 5K vs Mac Pro: Convert 50-Megapixel RAW Files to JPEG

2015-11-17 HGST 8TB Ultrastar He8: RAID-4, RAID-0, RAID-5 Scalability

2015-11-11 Clone Backups on Steroids

2015-11-11 OWC Deals: 4TB and 6TB Hard Drives, 32GB Memory for Mac Pro 2009-2012

2015-11-05 30-bit Color Support in OS X El Capitan with Dual NEC Wide Gamut Display + 32-bit Color

2015-11-05 MPG’s Computer and Storage Wish List at B&H Photo

2015-10-30 10-bit Graphics Support in OS X El Capitan: Adobe Confirms Support is Coming for Photoshop

2015-10-27 Reader Question: Revamped Mac Pro Due?

2015-09-24 Save About $830 on a 6-Core Mac Pro + Special Additional Discount on Pro Bundle

2015-08-30 DEAL: 2013 Mac Pro + SPECIAL BUNDLE DISCOUNT (“sweet spot” for photography )

2015-08-29 OWC Fall Garage Sale

2015-08-27 Finding Deals on Macs or anything else at B&H

2015-08-11 OWC Back to School Specials

2015-08-07 Blank Gray Screens When Dual Displays are Attached, Color Profiling on Dual Display

2015-06-15 2015 MacBook Pro: On my Daily Real-World Task, it nearly matches a Souped-Up 2013 Mac Pro!

2015-05-01 2013 Mac Pro 6-core for $3175

2015-05-01 OWC Announces Video Commercial Contest Starting May 1, Grand Prize Package Worth Over $12,000

2015-04-01 2013 Mac Pro Flash Drive (SSD) Can Fail

2015-03-30 Hard Drives: Odds of Failure with Time, When to Upgrade/Replace

2015-02-25 Reader Question: Photoshop and Large Files — Best Way to Optimize

2015-01-05 New CPU Options / Revised Mac Pro?


2014-12-27 TESTED: Kingston HyperX 128GB Data Traveler USB3 Thumb Drive

2014-12-26 Year End Computer Purchases: Consult

2014-12-26 Apple Core Rot

2014-12-24 TESTED: Hitachi HGST Deskstar 6TB NAS Hard Drive — Fastest Yet!

2014-12-22 Year End Computer Purchases: Consult

2014-12-22 Suggested Boot/Master Volume Partitioning for Large SSD

2014-12-21 OWC Turnkey Upgrade Program for Mac Pro

2014-12-13 TESTED: OWC Aura SSD for 2013 Mac Pro with Photoshop

2014-12-12 TESTED: OWC Aura SSD for 2013 Mac Pro (first + only internal 2TB SSD for Mac Pro)

2014-12-12 OWC Aura SSD for 2013 Mac Pro

2014-12-04 OWC Offers 1TB SSD for $449

2014-12-04 B&H Photo: Apple Mac Pro for $2599

2014-11-14 Get a Mac Pro Workhorse, Cheap

2014-11-10 4K Video on 2010/2012 Mac Pro?

2014-11-06 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: Create Multi-Resolution Image Series

2014-11-05 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: PhaseOne CaptureOne Pro RAW to JPEG

2014-11-04 Verizon Tracking Users in Nefarious Way

2014-11-04 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: More Benchmarks

2014-11-04 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: RAW to JPEG

2014-11-03 The iMac 5K Goes Back

2014-11-01 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: Video Transcode 4K to 1080p

2014-11-01 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: XCode Build

2014-11-01 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: Photoshop Filters, Various

2014-10-31 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: Integrity Checker (SHA1 Hash)

2014-10-31 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro: Photoshop

2014-10-25 iMac 5K Review to resume...

2014-10-22 Disappointing: iMac 5K Flash Drive (1TB SSD) way slower than Mac Pro

2014-10-16 WOW! Apple iMac with 5K Display

2014-10-10 Upgrading the CPU in a 2009 or 2010 or 2013 Mac Pro Tower

2014-08-31 Thunderbolt Cabling Reliability: Check the Fit and Tension

2014-07-29 Fast H.264 Video Compression on the MacBook Pro Beats the 2013 Mac Pro

2014-06-30 Reader Questions on SoftRAID

2014-06-25 Used Macs and Mac Pros and Displays at OWC

2014-06-25 OWC Ships Thunderbay 4-Drive Solution with Thunderbolt 2

2014-05-26 How to Configure 2013 Mac Pro + many Mac Pro Configs in stock at B&H Photo

2014-05-23 OS X 10.9.3 Fixes 90° Screen Rotation Bugs

2014-05-13 Transcoding Panasonic GH4 UltraHD 4K Video to 1080p: Surprising Speed on 2013 Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro and QuickTime

2014-04-21 Phase One CaptureONE Pro to Fully Utilize All GPUs Available (e.g. 2013 Mac Pro)

2014-04-14 Reader Question: Upgrading Video Card for Adobe Lightroom in 2009 Mac Pro

2014-04-10 MPG Experience: a Month Using the 8-core 3.3 GHz 2013 Mac Pro

2014-03-31 OWC CPU Upgrade Program for 2013 Mac Pro Now Available

2014-03-29 Using Dual GPUs on the 2013 Mac Pro

2014-03-28 Tested in 2013 Mac Pro: 64GB vs 128GB Memory from OWC

2014-03-26 OWC Introduces 128GB Memory Upgrade Kit for 2013 Apple Mac Pro

2014-03-24 OWC Helios 2 and 128GB 2013 Mac Pro

2014-03-19 Price Drop on OWC SSDs

2014-03-17 OWC 2013 Mac Pro CPU Upgrade Program

2014-03-17 128GB Memory for 2013 Mac Pro

2014-03-14 2013 Mac Pro: Which one to Choose, How to Store Image Files, Backup, etc

2014-03-14 2013 Mac Pro In Stock at B&H

2014-03-10 OS X 10.9.2 Breaks Display Support with NEC Displays: Sleep, 90° Rotation Failure

2014-03-10 2013 Mac Pro: Photoshop CC Filter Crashes Appear to be Due to Apple Graphics Drivers

2014-03-08 Photoshop CC Sharpening Now 3X Slower But ONLY on the 2013 Mac Pro (unmaking the power of the Ring)

2014-03-08 Housing Data Safely: Dual OWC Thunderbay 4-Bay Units for Performance, Capacity, Redundancy, Backup

2014-03-08 2013 Mac Pro: that 1TB Flash Storage (SSD) ’Rocks’

2014-03-07 2013 Mac Pro: Dual Displays Problematic

2014-03-07 2013 Mac Pro: 1TB SSD Faster on Writes

2014-03-06 2013 Mac Pro: Upgraded to 3.3 GHz 8-Core

2014-03-06 2013 Mac Pro: Total System Configuration

2014-03-05 How and Why to Partition the Mac Pro Internal SSD (ditto for any Mac)

2014-03-05 2013 Mac Pro Arrives

2014-03-01 Is Thunderbolt Faster than USB3?

2014-02-28 2013 Mac Pro: Apple Misses Ship Dates, What is Wrong with Apple Logistics? (UPDATE: Mac Pro SHIPS)

2014-02-26 2013 Mac Pro: USB3 Performance Impaired Relative to MacBook Pro (Single PCIe Lane Throttles Bandwidth)

2014-02-20 USB3 Ports and eSATA Ports on Older Mac Pro: NewerTech MAXPower eSATA 6G + USB3 PCIe Card

2014-02-19 2013 Mac Pro: Order Status

2014-02-14 4 Cores Can Look Good “On Paper” (Benchmarks) but in Real Usage Can Constrain Your Work

2014-02-12 Switched to the 2013 Mac pro

2014-02-12 Sapphire HD 7950 Video Card Upgrade for 2009/2010/2012 Mac Pro

2014-02-12 2013 Mac Pro: Tests Updated for 4-core 3.7 GHz D300 GPU Model (base model)

2014-02-09 Tips for Attaching Thunderbolt Devices on the 2013 Mac Pro

2014-02-04 MPG CPU Choice for 2013 Mac Pro + Order Status

2014-01-30 2013 Mac Pro: 4-Core 3.7 GHz with D300 GPUs Coming For Testing

2014-01-29 Apple Cheats on AppleCare Term

2014-01-28 OWC Install Videos for Late 2013 Mac Pro

2014-01-28 FOR SALE: the MPG 12-core 3.33 GHz Mac Pro with 80GB

2014-01-23 Tested: 2.7 GHz 12 Core 2013 Mac Pro with D700 GPUs

2014-01-23 D700 GPUs Strut Their Stuff: Unigine Valley 3D Rendering

2014-01-23 12 Core 2013 Mac Pro with D700 GPUs Tested Against Others

2014-01-21 2013 Mac Pro: DxO Optics Pro and Scalability with more CPU Cores

2014-01-21 12 Cores vs 12 Cores (and D700 GPUs)

2014-01-20 2013 Mac Pro: Workflow, Backup Advice

2014-01-20 2013 Mac Pro: Lead Times Extend to March at Apple Store, but B&H has the 6-core in stock

2014-01-19 2013 Mac Pro: Sigma Photo Pro X3F Raw to 16-bit TIF

2014-01-18 2013 Mac Pro: Raw to TIF with Iridient Developer

2014-01-18 2013 Mac Pro: Innards

2014-01-18 2013 Mac Pro: How Much Memory for Performance?

2014-01-17 Evolving Thoughts on 2013 Mac Pro GPU and CPU Choices

2014-01-17 Configuring a Mac Pro Goes Well Beyond CPU and GPU Choice

2014-01-17 Changing my Config for the 2013 Mac Pro

2014-01-17 But... the Power of the GPU...

2014-01-17 2013 Mac Pro: Which Filters Benefit from the GPU in Photoshop CC?

2014-01-17 2013 Mac Pro: Panorama in PTGuiPro

2014-01-17 2013 Mac Pro: Importing with Aperture

2014-01-17 2013 Mac Pro: 6-core in stock at B&H Photo

2014-01-17 2013 Mac Pro: 6 or 8 CPU Cores?

2014-01-16 Two GPUs to Rule Them All, and in the Software Bind Them—Photoshop CC Now Sharpens 4X Faster

2014-01-16 Redo for Photoshop CC 14.2 (CC 14.2 Unstable on 2013 Mac Pro)

2014-01-16 Mac Pro 2013: Nice Hand Warmer

2014-01-16 2013 Mac Pro: SHA1 Hash on 8 cores vs 12

2014-01-16 2013 Mac Pro: Image Scaling with PhotoZoom Pro

2014-01-16 2013 Mac Pro: Filters in Adobe Photoshop CC Tested

2014-01-15 Mac Pro SHOOTOUT: 2010 12-Core 3.33 GHz vs the 2013 8-core 3.3 GHz

2014-01-14 Perfect Scalability to 12 Cores with Photo Zoom Pro

2014-01-14 2013 Mac Pro: 8 core 3.3 GHz vs 6-core 3.5 GHz Coming Soon

2014-01-13 Adobe Photoshop CC and CPU Cores: Does not Scale For Common Operations

2014-01-12 Adobe Photoshop CC Using More Cores Than Ever Before (NOT!)

2014-01-12 2013 Mac Pro: How Many CPU Cores for Your Workflow?

2014-01-11 The Fastest Mac Pro for Photoshop

2014-01-09 CPU Upgrade Best Case Benchmarks

2014-01-08 In Stock at B&H: 6-core Mac Pro

2014-01-07 Mac Pro Shipping Status

2014-01-06 Which Mac Pro Model to Buy if Upgrading the CPU?

2014-01-06 Hoping to Test a Faster 8 Core Mac Pro

2014-01-03 FirmTek ThunderTek/PX Q6G: eSATA on Mac Pro vs via Thunderbolt

2014-01-02 Mac Pro Energy Savings: What is the Reality?

2014-01-01 2014: Year of Thunderbolt?


2013-12-31 Used 2.93 GHz Mac Pros and MacBook Pros

2013-12-31 2013 Mac Pro: Visual Impression 'Like a Glass Sculpture'

2013-12-30 Mac Pro 3.2 GHz New for $2199 (Prior Model)

2013-12-30 FirmTek ThunderTek/PX PCIe Thunderbolt Enclosure + Q6G 4-Port eSATA card

2013-12-28 Faster CPU for 2013 Mac Pro?

2013-12-28 Apple Posts Mac Pro PCIe Flash Storage (SSD) Tech Note

2013-12-28 2013 Mac Pro: Costly but Worth It? Or Costly and Slower?

2013-12-27 Does Opting for the High-End GPUs on the 2013 Mac Pro Make Sense?

2013-12-26 Mac Pro Shipping Status

2013-12-22 Peripherals and Add-Ons for Transition to the 2013 Mac Pro

2013-12-20 Thunderbolt Stuff for Mac Pro (and other Macs)

2013-12-20 Memory for Mac Pro: Effectively $795 for 64GB

2013-12-20 Mac Pro via B&H Photo, Discounted Price on AppleCare

2013-12-20 Faster CPU for 2013 Mac Pro?

2013-12-19 Thunderbolt or USB3 for Hard Drives?

2013-12-19 2013 Mac Pro: What I ordered and Why

2013-12-18 2013 Mac Pro: Which CPU and GPU?

2013-12-18 2013 Mac Pro: Personalized Advice

2013-12-18 2013 Mac Pro Buying advice

2013-12-04 It’s Now December—Where is the 2013 Mac Pro? At Least the Pricing.

2013-11-24 Are Thunderbolt Product Choices Poised to Balloon in Variety, Availability, Scope?

2013-11-20 OWC CPU Upgrade for 2010/2012 Mac Pro

2013-11-20 Best Price for AppleCare

2013-11-12 OWC Has Used 4-core and 8-Core Mac Pros in Stock

2013-11-05 2013 Mac Pro: Keyboard and Mouse Sold Separately

2013-11-01 Mac Pro Discontinued, Stocks Selling Out

2013-10-27 Cost and Value of 2013 Mac Pro

2013-10-22 Want the Existing 6-Core Mac Pro?

2013-10-22 Notes on the Apple 2013 Mac Pro

2013-10-22 Memory for the 2013 Mac Pro

2013-10-16 OWC Has Used 2.93 GHz 8-Core Mac Pros in Stock

2013-10-07 Fast iMac or Mac Pro?

2013-09-30 Reader Comment: Hard Drive Warranty

2013-09-29 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Faster than the Current Model?

2013-09-16 New 2013 Mac Pro: When?

2013-08-20 OWC Offering Used Mac Pros: 4-core and 8-core Systems as low as $879 / $1149

2013-08-14 Thunderbolt and eSATA Combo

2013-07-24 Get the Existing Mac Pro While They Last?

2013-07-02 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Pure Elegance, Visualized

2013-06-25 New Mac Pro: In Essence a Compute Box, so Why Not 10 Gigabit Ethernet?

2013-06-13 Pegasus J4: One Part of the Switchover Solution for the new Mac Pro?

2013-06-13 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Connecting eSATA via Thunderbolt

2013-06-12 OS X 10.9 'Mavericks' — 64GB *NO GOOD* on 4/6-core Mac Pro

2013-06-12 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Thoughts on a Switchover from Existing Tower

2013-06-12 2013 Apple Mac Pro: The Good Parts

2013-06-11 Reader Comment: OpenCL Support for the dual AMD GPUs

2013-06-11 OS X 10.9 'Mavericks' Supports 128GB — Confirmed

2013-06-11 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Video User Comment

2013-06-11 2013 Apple Mac Pro: TMP?

2013-06-11 2013 Apple Mac Pro: More Reader Comments

2013-06-11 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Misses the Mark for Video Users

2013-06-11 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Hive Storage

2013-06-11 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Cables and Rotating Chassis

2013-06-11 2013 Apple Mac Pro: CPU Choices Predictions

2013-06-10 “In general is it better to purchase the older 6 core Mac Pro or get this newer machine?”

2013-06-10 WWDC: The New Apple Mac Pro

2013-06-10 New Mac Pro: WHEN?

2013-06-10 New Mac Pro: 1866MHz DDR3 memory

2013-06-10 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Visuals

2013-06-10 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Thunderbolt 20 Gbps

2013-06-10 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Reader Comments

2013-06-10 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Faster or Slower, Elegant but Klunky, Promise vs Reality, Video Oriented

2013-06-10 2013 Apple Mac Pro: CPU Choices

2013-06-10 2013 Apple Mac Pro: Bear Proof?

2013-06-08 Will a New Mac Pro Support 4K Displays?

2013-06-04 New Apple Mac Pro? No PCI and no Internal Expandability? Will it be a Mac Mini Super Sized?

2013-06-02 WWDC and Intel Haswell CPUs and About Time for a New Mac Pro?

2013-05-19 OWC Mercury Accelsior E2: How Fast are the eSATA 6G Ports with External SSD?

2013-05-08 Adobe Creative Cloud: Reader Comments

2013-04-27 New Mac Pro at WWDC?

2013-04-06 Why is a MacBook Pro Retina Faster for Photography than a 12-Core Mac Pro?

2013-03-23 Reader Comment: RAID, Highpoint, USB3

2013-03-12 OWC Larry Comments on Memory Price Trends and SSD NAND Supply

2013-03-11 12-Core Mac Pro for only $2499.99, 4-core 3.2 GHz only $2199.99 — New Mac Pro Coming?

2013-03-06 Well, my Mac Pro Just Keeps Getting the Job Done Every day

2013-02-21 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2013-02-18 How to Speed Up Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

2013-02-09 The iMac is a New Design, therefore the Mac Pro is Tool Old to Consider

2013-02-06 New Mac Pro in 'Spring'?

2013-02-04 OWC Mercury Accelsior 'E2' PCIe SSD Includes Two eSATA Ports

2013-02-01 Mac Pro Rumblings

2013-01-10 Apple iMac: RAW File Conversion to TIF and JPEG vs Mac Pro, MBP

2013-01-06 OWC Mercury Viper 6G 3.5" SSD


2012-12-31 USB3 on the Mac Pro: CalDigit PCIe 2-Port USB3 Card

2012-12-23 Why Not a Mac Pro Mini?

2012-12-23 Confused About Mac Pro Options? Consult With MPG

2012-12-10 My Favorite Mac Hardware

2012-12-10 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-11-19 Reader Question: Updating the Boot Drive

2012-11-18 New Mac Pro in Late 2013?

2012-11-14 When Will a New Mac Pro Appear?

2012-11-12 Which is Faster with Photoshop CS6? 12-Core or 6-Core Mac Pro?

2012-11-04 MacMini — Digital Camera RAW Conversion vs Mac Pro, MacBook Pro

2012-11-03 Summary So Far of Apple Fusion Technology — Attempted on MacMini, Mac Pro

2012-11-03 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-11-03 MacMini Quad-Core Performance vs MacBook Pro, Mac Pro

2012-11-03 Disk Utility (Fusion Version)— Cannot Handle Two Internal Drives in MacMini

2012-11-02 MacMini Dual-Drive Coming to test Fusion Performance/Behavior

2012-10-31 Performance of 'Fusion' Drive (OWC Accelsior 480GB PCIe SSD + 2TB HDD)

2012-10-24 Analysis of the new Mac Pro — Oops Nothing Announced

2012-10-23 Analysis of the Oct 2012 MacMini

2012-10-19 Apple 27" iMac Seagate 1TB Drive Replacement Program

2012-09-19 Mac Pro Memory Drops in Price

2012-09-11 Confused About Mac Pro Options? Consult With MPG

2012-09-05 A Fast and Silent Internal 960GB Clone Volume in my Mac Pro: OWC’s Mercury Electra Max SSD

2012-09-04 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-08-23 Getting a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro that’s In Stock (with free shipping)

2012-08-07 A Fast and Silent Internal 960GB Clone Volume in my Mac Pro

2012-07-31 Mountain Lion — Switched on my Mac Pro, a few Glitches

2012-07-25 Why I NEED 80GB or 96GB Memory in my Mac Pro: Photoshop CS6 Performance

2012-07-19 Mac Pro 3.33 GHz 6-core Readily Available

2012-07-17 Confused About Mac Pro Options? Consult With MPG

2012-07-11 An Internal 960GB Clone Backup Volume

2012-07-10 Upgrade to 80GB Memory in My Mac Pro

2012-07-05 No New Mac Pro, so Helped a Client with a Top-End Windows PC

2012-07-03 OWC 8GB ECC Memory Modules for Mac Pro Now Mix 'n Match with 1/2/4 GB Apple and OWC Modules

2012-06-22 OWC 960GB Mercury Electra 3G SSD — Breakthrough SSD Capacity!

2012-06-21 Photoshop CS6: MacBook Pro Retina 2.7 GHz vs MacBook Pro 17" vs Mac Pro

2012-06-17 MPG Pro Workstation SPECIAL OFFER (Souped-up Mac Pro), $250 OFF

2012-06-17 Confused About Mac Pro Options? Consult With MPG

2012-06-13 What Apple COULD Have At Least Done With the Mac Pro

2012-06-12 Mac Pro 6-core Refurbished Unit More Expensive Than NEW Model

2012-06-12 Apple to Professional Users: Screw You

2012-06-11 Apple Mac Pro Non-Upgrade

2012-06-09 Rumored Mac Pro and MacBook Pro Plan

2012-06-07 Rumored Mac Pro New Features

2012-06-05 Mac Pro Update Rumored to Be Imminent

2012-06-03 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-05-30 OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD 960GB

2012-05-25 Mac Pro Petition

2012-04-18 OWC Garage Sale, including 48GB Memory for Mac Pro for $575

2012-04-18 Memory Price Trends for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, MacMini

2012-04-15 OWC’s new Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD for Blistering-fast Drive Performance

2012-04-08 New Mac Pro, Maybe Not For a While

2012-04-04 4TB Hitachi Deskstar 7K4000 Hard Drive for 16TB Inside a Mac Pro

2012-03-23 OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD

2012-03-19 Memory Price Trends for Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacMini

2012-03-19 It’s About Time for a New Mac Pro

2012-02-21 Memory Price Trends for Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacMini

2012-02-21 MPG Pro Workstation Solution with OWC PCIe SSD

2012-02-19 Dinosaur

2012-02-18 ZFS for Mac OS X — ZEVO

2012-02-10 Buy Mac Pro Now, or Wait?

2012-01-22 More Memory With Big Photoshop Jobs = Big Speedup

2012-01-19 Where to Buy a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac?

2012-01-19 ULTIMATE Mac Pro — the MPG Pro Workstation Solution with OWC PCIe SSD (for Video and Database and Scientific and Huge Photoshop Users)

2012-01-19 OWC PCIe SSD Card Coming Soon

2012-01-11 OWC 16GB Memory Modules for 2009/2010 2011 Mac Pro — Tested and Run at Full Speed

2012-01-06 OWC 16GB Memory Modules for 2009/2010 Mac Pro — 48GB / 96GB in Mac Pro


2011-12-20 Stocking Stuffers and Gifts

2011-12-17 Mac Pro Now, or Wait?

2011-12-10 Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on an Apple Mac Pro That Shipped with Lion

2011-12-03 No New Mac Pro Yet, Which Means What?

2011-12-01 End of Life for the Apple Mac Pro? Still no word from Apple

2011-11-26 MPG Reader Special Prices at OWC — even lower than Black Friday prices

2011-11-01 Memory and Hard Drive Prices: Win Some, Lose Some

2011-11-01 End of Life for the Apple Mac Pro?

2011-10-19 Price Drop for 8GB Modules for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro

2011-10-11 Price History of Memory for Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac Memory

2011-10-03 Where to Buy a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro

2011-10-03 Mac Pro 48GB Memory Kit Now Under $1000

2011-09-11 New Mac Pro Late in 2011 or Early 2012?

2011-09-09 Memory Prices Stabilize for Mac Pro

2011-08-30 My All-SSD Mac Pro System

2011-08-13 My Killer-fast Mac Pro System Based on Solid State Drives (SSD)

2011-08-11 No New Mac Pro, As Makes Sense in Context

2011-08-09 Memory Prices Stabilize for Mac Pro

2011-08-09 Apple Lion Recovery Disk Assistant — But There is a BETTER WAY

2011-08-01 MPG Pro Workstation and MPG Pro Laptop Programs NOW AVAILABLE

2011-07-21 Why No New Mac Pro?

2011-07-14 Mac Memory Prices Slump Some More

2011-07-04 OWC 480GB in 2010 Mac Pro, Single SSD, and RAID-0 of 2 or 3 SSDs

2011-07-04 OWC 480GB Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD With Photoshop CS5 on 2011 Mac Pro

2011-07-02 OWC 480GB 6G SSDs Coming For Testing

2011-06-27 Mac Memory Prices Continue to Drop

2011-06-24 Final Cut Pro X Usage of CPU Cores and Memory

2011-06-21 Rumor Mill In Full Swing for new Mac Pro

2011-06-18 Which Mac Pro for Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.x?

2011-06-08 Mac Pro Memory Prices Drop Some More

2011-06-07 The All-SSD Mac Pro

2011-06-02 Whither Thunderbolt?

2011-06-01 Memory Price Trends for Mac Pro and MacBook Pro and iMac

2011-05-24 Reviewed in Depth: OWC 16GB Memory Modules for Mac Pro

2011-05-21 16GB Memory Modules for Mac Pro

2011-05-17 Upgrade Your Mac Pro to 3.46 GHz or Up to 12 CPU Cores

2011-05-16 6 Gbs SSDs in Existing 2010/2009 Mac Pro

2011-05-10 Reader Comments on 16GB Memory Modules for Mac Pro

2011-05-09 64GB Memory for 12-core Mac Pro Now Under $1500 + Memory Price Trends

2011-05-03 Apple’s Sandy Bridge iMac Arrives

2011-04-28 Save 15% on a Mac With a Refurbished Model — Good as New

2011-04-28 A New Mac Pro Model vs Existing Models

2011-04-27 Prices at Rock Bottom for 4GB, 8GB Mac Pro Memory Modules

2011-04-20 Could There Be a New Mac Pro Coming?

2011-04-13 OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD Tested In 2010 Mac Pro Internal 3 Gb SATA II Port

2011-04-09 Minimizing Down-time With A Fault-Tolerant MPG Pro Workstation

2011-04-08 OWC Introduces Mount Pro 2.5" Drive Sled For Adding Any 2.5" SATA Drive To 2009-2010 Apple Mac Pro

2011-04-07 Prices at Rock Bottom for 4GB, 8GB Mac Pro Memory Modules

2011-04-06 How to Install More Than One Power Hungry Video Card in a Mac Pro

2011-03-21 Hibernate Mode With OWC SSDs, and All Sandforce-based SSDs

2011-03-20 The Changing Solid State Drive Landscape

2011-03-19 New Intel Xeon E3 Chips For Servers or Possibly the Mac Pro

2011-03-15 How to Get a Mac Pro at 3.46 GHz with 6 or 12 CPU Cores

2011-03-10 2011 MacBook Pro Tests Updated To Include 2.8GHz Mac Pro — Wow!

2011-03-09 Photoshop CS5 Tests Updated for 16GB Memory in MacBook Pro, 2.8GHz Mac Pro

2011-03-09 Photoshop CS5 Tests Updated for 16GB Memory in MacBook Pro, 2.8GHz Mac Pro

2011-03-08 Intel’s “Sandy Bridge” for Mac Pro CPU?

2011-03-04 More 2011 MacBook Pro Test Results

2011-03-03 Tests of 2011 MacBook Pro 2.3GHz 4-Core vs 2010 2.66 GHz 2-core, Mac Pro

2011-02-26 Astonishingly FAST Solid State Drives (SSD) Coming Soon

2011-02-26 Apple Now Offers 8GB Memory Modules for Mac Pro

2011-02-14 Apple 27" LED Cinema Display — Short Cable Means Useless Toy

2011-02-10 OWC Mount Pro for Installing 2.5" Hard Drive or SSD Into Mac Pro Drive Bays

2011-02-09 Get your 8-core 3.46 GHz Mac Pro Today!

2011-02-04 Mac Pro: How Many CPU Cores?

2011-01-28 Memory Prices at rock bottom for Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac

2011-01-27 When More Is Less — 12 CPU Cores are Slower Than 6 CPU Cores with Photoshop

2011-01-25 Update on Mac Pro Video Card Sleep Issue and Mini DisplayPort Cables — FIXED

2011-01-23 Mac Pro bargain still available at $1799

2011-01-15 Hard Drive Noise

2011-01-14 Inexpensive Apple Mac Pro as a File Server for Home or Small Business

2011-01-05 SPECIAL DEAL on a 2009 Mac Pro 2.93GHz as an MPG Pro Workstation

2011-01-03 Why I Always Have At Least 24GB memory (and why a 16GB iMac doesn’t cut it)


2010-12-19 Update on Mac Pro Video Card Sleep Issue and DisplayPort Cables

2010-12-19 Spend $$ instead of $$$$$$ on a Mac Pro

2010-12-11 Update on Memory Prices for Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac

2010-12-11 Update on Mac Pro Video Card Sleep Issue and DisplayPort Cables

2010-12-02 Memory Price Trend: 8GB Modules for Mac Pro

2010-11-28 Memory Prices Plummet: Save $465 on 8GB MacBook Pro Memory, Save $1000 on 12GB Mac Pro Memory

2010-11-25 Spend $$ instead of $$$$$$ on a Mac Pro

2010-11-23 Update on 2010 Mac Pro Display Sleep problems with Mini DisplayPort

2010-11-08 Reader feedback: Upgraded my New Mac Pro 4-core According to Your Suggestions

2010-11-06 Reader comment: Mac Pro or iMac?

2010-11-01 Spend $$ instead of $$$$$$ on a Mac Pro

2010-10-30 Reader Feedback on Mac Pro Setup and more

2010-10-24 Mac Performance Guide - I figure you saved me at least $2500

2010-10-13 MPG Pro Workstation satisfied customer

2010-10-13 Hot deal on brand-new 2009 Mac Pro

2010-10-09 Where to buy a Mac Pro

2010-10-09 NEC posts tech note on Mac Pro video issues

2010-09-16 Update on Video Issues with Mac Pro

2010-09-16 Get a DEAL on a Brand-new 2009 Mac Pro 2.66GHz

2010-09-10 Hot Corners to Work Around Black-screen Video Problem on Mac Pro

2010-09-09 Video Card Problems with 2010 Mac Pro

2010-09-06 PTGui with a RAM Disk Goes Like Stink!

2010-09-06 Bibble Pro Speed With a RAM Disk

2010-09-05 Mac Pro 3.2GHz Added to 2010 Mac Pro Review

2010-09-05 Mac Pro 12-core: Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame

2010-09-04 OWC Mac Pro CPU Upgrade Program Now Online for 2009 and 2010 Mac Pro

2010-09-02 “Godzilla” Mac Pro for Image Retouchers, Photo Labs and Lucky You

2010-09-02 When More is Less — 12 Cores and 48GB are Slower Than 6 Cores and 24GB with Photoshop CS5!

2010-09-02 Upgrade Your Mac Pro CPU to 3.33GHz and/or More CPU Cores!

2010-09-02 How to Cut Handbrake Video Encoding Time by 40%!

2010-09-02 2010 Mac Pro 12-core @ 3.33GHz — Reviewed!

2010-08-31 My Mac Pro 2.93GHz 8-core is For Sale

2010-08-30 More Coming on 2010 Mac Pro

2010-08-30 2010 Mac Pro Remains Bus-limited With More than Two Fast Solid State Drives

2010-08-27 2010 Mac Pro Hexacore 3.33GHz “Westmere” Updated — 2.4GHz 8-core model

2010-08-22 2010 Mac Pro Hexacore 3.33GHz “Westmere” Reviewed and Compared

2010-08-20 My MacPro 3.33GHz Hexacore Less than an Hour’s Drive Away

2010-08-20 MacPro 2010 3.33GHz 6-core “Westmere” vs Mac Pro 2009 3.33GHz 4-core “Nehalem” — Testing Underway

2010-08-19 It’s Official —16/24/ 32GB in 2010 Mac Pro 4/6-Core

2010-08-17 My MacPro 3.33GHz Hexacore on Its Way (Shipped)

2010-08-12 OpenGL Sometimes Slower than Just Disabling it

2010-08-12 Memory for 2010 Mac Pro at OWC

2010-08-12 2010 Mac Pro in Stores Today?

2010-08-10 Mac Pro Delivery Scheduled for ~ August 26

2010-08-10 2010 Mac Pro 4/6-core Processors — Why There is a 16GB Memory Limit (maybe, maybe not)

2010-08-09 Mac Pro 4-core, 6-core, 8-core, 12-core Models Available for Order

2010-08-09 How to Mitigate 2010 Mac Pro 4/6-core Memory Limits

2010-08-09 Apple MacPro 6-core 3.33 GHz “Westmere” Ordered for Testing

2010-08-09 16GB LIMIT for 4-core and 6-core Mac Pro? 32GB limit for 8/12-core Mac Pro?

2010-08-08 Mac Pro CPU Power Estimates for Best Case/Reasonable Expectations/Murphy’s Law

2010-08-08 Apple 27-inch iMac Compared to 3.33GHz Mac Pro for RAW-file Processing

2010-08-04 MPG Pro One™ NOW AVAILABLE (pro-grade 2010 iMac 27")

2010-08-01 Mac Pro August 2010 Pricing Estimates — Ouch!

2010-08-01 How to Follow My Coverage and Reviews of the New MAC PRO and iMac

2010-07-31 New! MPG Pro One™ (pro-grade iMac)

2010-07-30 Mac Pro — Which Model for Photography, Video, Sound?

2010-07-30 Getting the Right Mac Pro for Your Needs, Pre-configured, Pre-Tested and Ready to Use

2010-07-29 Mac Pro: 4/6/8/12 Cores for Sound Processing?

2010-07-28 Pricing and Valuing the iMac Against the Mac Pro

2010-07-27 New Apple Mac Pro! The “Westmere” hexacore chip arrives!

2010-07-27 Memory Upgrades — How Does Your Vendor Test?

2010-07-27 Apple’s SSD for iMac (dual internal drives)

2010-07-27 Apple’s SSD for Mac Pro (or iMac) — Not a Smart Move

2010-07-27 Analysis of the new August 2010 Mac Pro

2010-07-24 Apple Mac Pro update — Coming soon?

2010-07-16 Install a 5th Drive Into the Mac Pro

2010-07-08 Connecting a MacBook Pro or iMac or Mac Pro to a DisplayPort Monitor (Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable)

2010-07-02 Why I disable OpenGL in Photoshop CS5

2010-06-30 Photoshop CS5 Crashing With OS X 10.6.4 with ATI Radeon 4870 and OpenGL on Mac Pro

2010-06-30 Apple Mac Pro update — When?

2010-06-15 Get the Right Mac Pro for your Needs

2010-06-15 Big Price Drop on 8GB Memory Modules

2010-06-07 Jobs silent on hexacore Mac Pro at WWDC

2010-05-23 Choosing a Mac Pro— will you make an expensive mistake or the right choice?

2010-05-22 Mac Pro hexacore and dodecacore coming in June?

2010-05-12 Apple Mac Pro Nehalem: quad-core @ 3.33GHz or 8-core @ 2.93GHz? | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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