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2022-12-18 Adobe DNG Converter: Possible Loss of Metadata, Guaranteed Loss of File Dates, but Space Savings for Uncompressed RAW

2022-12-15 How much is Sony Botched Camera and Software Design $Costing You? Is Adobe DNG Converter Viable? The Sony Workflow TAX

2022-12-12 Sony Imaging Edge Viewer: Assembles Pixel Shift into Incompatible ARQ — Why Not Industry-Standard DNG? (REVISED)

2022-12-05 Sony A7R V Poor Design: Pixel Shift Disallows Lossless Compressed RAW, Lacks 8-Shot and 32-shot modes

2022-11-12 Reducing Hasselblad X2D 3FR Raw File Size via Adobe DNG Converter

2022-11-08 Reducing Hasselblad X2D File Size via Hasselblad Phocus Copy/Import, eg Converting Original Capture 3FR to FFF Format

2022-11-07 Back from Trip with Loads of Hasselblad X2D Images — and a Guarantee of Data Integrity with IntegrityChecker

2022-01-20 Leica M11 Appears to Be Doing Lossless Compressed DNG, for Solid Savings

2021-04-02 Sony A1 Pixel Shift: Inexplicably Writes Uncompressed RAW —  Fails to Respect Lossless-Compressed RAW Setting

2021-03-18 Sony A1 Lossless-Compressed Raw Format: Update Photoshop and Lightroom and you’re 'good'

2021-03-12 RawDigger and FastRawViewer Support Sony A1 Lossless-Compessed RAW

2021-03-11 Sony A7R IV: Where is the Firmware Update to Upgrade Us to Lossless-Compressed RAW Files? UPDATE: not likely to happen

2021-02-10 Sony A7R IV: Where is the Firmware Update to Upgrade Us to Lossless-Compressed RAW Files?

2020-06-14 Usability: Raw File Size Quantified, Lack of Lossless-Compressed Raw File

2020-01-10 Optimizing Zerene Stacker on High Core-Count Macs Like the 16-Core 2019 Mac Pro

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