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Drobo Dashboard

2013-02-01 • SEND FEEDBACK
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The screen shots that follow are from the Drobo Dashboard application.


The simple view. In OS X Finder terms where TB = 1000^4 and the usable space is 15.93TB.

Drobo Dashboard

Drobo Dashboard breaks down the storage usage as shown below.

The 14.49TB Drobo Dashboard figure does not match the 16.0TB (TB = 1024^4) volume size that diglloydTools DiskTester sees, which also matches the Finder” 17.59TB (TB = 1000^4).

What’s odd is that the actual volume actually 16.0TB (1024^4), which is larger than what 4 X 4TB can support. So the 14.49TB figure is accurate, but the volume is created claiming 16.0TB, so write errors will occur past the 14.49TB mark. This is the approach Drobo has taken in the past for expansion; it seems to me a bug when using 5 X 4TB drives, since no more expansion is possible. Using more than 14TB of the capacity is not a good plan in any case.

Drobo Dashboard


Green s good. The strength of the Drobo produces are easy to understand green (and if something goes wrong) red lights.

Drobo Dashboard


The volume list. One can use Disk Utility to partition the Drobo also.

Drobo Dashboard



Drobo Dashboard

Drobo Dashboard preferences

Configure as desired.

Drobo Dashboard

Drobo Dashboard general settings

Here is where one can use two drives instead of one for redundancy.

Drobo Dashboard


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