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2022 MacBook Pro M2 Max: Reliability

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MPG tested the Apple 16.2" MacBook Pro with M2 Max Chip Z1740017Z, maxed-out excepting 4TB SSD.

Consult with Lloyd to design a complete system for photography or similar including backup and data safety.

2022 MacBook Pro M2 Max


The 2022 MBP M2 Max seems very solid. The fans basically never run, even under load. Its blazingly fast and never seems to even be under any stress—impressive!

Display syncing

This is key for anyone running an external display. MPG did not test Thunderbolt displays (direct connect), but did test the NEC PA271Q 2560 X 1440 display via the Newer Technology USB-C to DisplayPort 8K Display Adapter. Operation was generally solid while working. But coming out of sleep, the display would not sync up right away, thus rearranging the desktop and application windows back onto the main screen. This is a huge hassle and I saw no way around it other than preventing system sleep.


Testing the 2022 Macbook Pro M2 Max when using applications was reliable, no issues.

The 2022 MBP M2 Max requires macOS Ventura (macOS Monterey won’t work) so the issues that follow cannot be separated-out hardware vs software.

macOS Ventura design costs hours, with no fix for some issues

macOS Ventura was/is a source of frustration. As I write this, it is actually a major consideration for me in avoiding a new Mac.

Ventura needlessly reorganizes and renames so many things and makes such a mess of it (iOS-like kitchen-sink design) that hours were wasted learning the new “landscape”. Years of experience and know-how are discarded by Apple in favor of this altered user experience. Nothing is easier/better, just different and more confusing IMO. New dog pissing on the fire hydrant syndrome.

Ventura removes prior existing functionality such as my desired date formats in the Finder for which no fix exists. You might not care, but such things I’ve come to rely on, as have lots of people, as the various forums prove. No recourse, no fix. These sorts of things are infuriating, especially in spending an hour and finding no solution—all because some engineering team chose to arbitrarily remove a 20-year-old function.

Serious issues

Connecting to a file server

This issue is a big deal if you work in a workgroup or have multiple Macs. It had better work.

UPDATE 2023-05-02: this issue is not confined to the Apple MacBook Pro M2 Max; it is a general bug affecting all Macs. Some users might experience it, some might not and it might work sometimes or hang every attempt—flaky.

Connecting to a file server would invariably hang the Finder (after entering password). Killing the Finder would result in an unusable system, requiring a hard power-off/reboot. This is 100% Apple software involved... does Apple test anything anymore?

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