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2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra: IntegrityChecker Java, Verify

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MPG tested the $7999 Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra 20-core CPU / 64-core GPU/ 128GB / 8TB SSD , provided on loan for review by B&H Photo, an authorized Apple Mac dealer. Please buy your gear at B&H Photo and OWC/ using any link from this site.

2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra


Cross-platform (any computer with Java), IntegrityChecker Java runs SHA512 hashes on files to maintain data integrity checks. All professionals should be using it to validate their data. Especially when random “land mine” bugs in new macOS releases pop up, such as macOS Finder silent data-loss risks and outright bugs when copying files.

Or bad memory or bit rot (rare but real), etc.

The verify command of diglloydTools IntegrityChecker utilizes all CPU cores as efficiently as any application ever can, using sophisticated I/O algorithms to feed data to the CPU as fast as the OS can go. Performance will thus be gated by I/O speed unless all CPU cores are fed data fast enough to be fully utilized.

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The first graph shows speed when I/O constrained; the second when not I/O constrained.

The 2019 Mac Pro can hash at ~14.3+ GB/sec in memory and/or ~13.6 GB/sec if super-fast I/O is possible, but its results as shown here are on its Apple internal SSD, which maxes-out at ~3.4GB/sec.

The 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max has a raw hashing rate of only ~2.8GB/sec, so it tops out short of the SSD speed. But the M1 Ultra doubles that hashing speed.

The Mac Studio M1 Ultra has an internal SSD twice as fast as the other machines, so its 20 CPU cores can be put to use. The Intel-based machines are starved of data because of their slower SSDs, so that only ~6 CPU cores here.

But see the next graph in which I/O speed is increased for all.

IntegrityChecker Java hashing speed: 2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra vs 2019 iMac 5K, 2019 Mac Pro

I/O speed ramped up

Below, the same file data but the top group is when the data must actually be read from the SSD, and the 2nd group the data is all cached in memory via the macOS memory cache.

When cached (or I/O speed is high enough), the 2019 Mac Pro 28-core trounces the Mac Studio, and the 2019 iMac 5K is behind only by ~10% in spite of having only 8 CPU cores.

In terms of processing power for SHA512 hashing, the 20-core Mac Studio M1 Ultra is a poor performer. It takes all of its power to hash at a speed commensurate with a 3-year-old Intel-based Mac.

IntegrityChecker Java hashing speed: 2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra vs 2019 iMac 5K, 2019 Mac Pro
2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra
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