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Aura SSD for 2013 Mac Pro
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MacMini — Dual Internal Separate Drives are Superior to the 'Fusion' Option

The Apple 'Fusion' option for the MacMini isn’t just a poor value— it is a serious downgrade in many ways— versus the SSD + HDD alternatives.

Read Dual Drives are Better than 'Fusion'.

  Apple Fusion Separate SSD + HDD
Cost + $250 240GB OWC Extreme Pro 6G SSD + OWC Data Doubler + toolkit = about $330

480GB OWC Extreme Pro 6G SSD + OWC Data Doubler + toolkit = about $629
Options NONE 120GB or 480GB or 960GB options
Guaranteed speed for critical tasks NO YES
Capacity of SSD 128GB
(but maybe only 120GB usable, as per past Apple SSD options)
240GB (or 120GB or 480GB or 960GB or any combination of SSD and HDD of any capacity)
Separate Boot drive NO YES
Internal clone NO YES (on HDD)
Internal Time Machine NO YES (on HDD)
Upgradeable SSD NO YES, just backup and clone/swap
Upgradeable HDD NO
(at least not easily)
YES, just backup and clone/swap
Works with disk repair tools Maybe, maybe not (according to Apple) YES
Reliability Failure of SSD or HDD means TOTAL FAILURE Failure of one drive fails only that drive, the other remains intact
Serviceable by user? Considerable “nerd” skill required to deal with Fusion volume setup (if failure) Simple conventional single drive initialize/format
Can be partitioned? One partition only, Fusion benefits are lost on the 2nd partition YES, either or both drives
Special Disk Utility needed? YES (“earlier versions cannot be used”) NO
Extra disk activity and thus increased noise and power consumption? YES— when files are moved around in the background NO

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