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A Fast and Silent Internal 960GB Clone Volume in my Mac Pro: OWC’s Mercury Electra Max SSD

About a month ago, I wrote about installing the OWC Mercury Electra 960GB in my Mac Pro as a clone drive backup (MasterClone) of my key data value Master.

That decision has proven to be quite satisfactory— silent fast operation, with an assured backup, every day. I can sort of forget about the whole thing on a daily basis; though I still make regular external backups, the daily protection that is always there protecting against a short-term snafu— good stuff.

While any drive will do for a clone in theory, I love the speedy and silent operation of the 960GB OWC Mercury Electra Max — cloning (which I schedule, details below) takes very little time, so it’s just always there, unobtrusively.

One could use Time Machine (and I do), but it does not provide rapid recovery of an entire volume. When I have a failure (“if” is not realistic!), a clone provides instant and full access to everything that was on the volume that was cloned, whereas Time Machine might take hours to restore, a headache working under time pressure.

cloned backup internal to a Mac Pro
Main working drive Master and its backup clone MasterClone

Manual clone

Just choose Source (from) of your volume to be cloned, and choose the appropriate Destination for the clone.

cloned backup internal to a Mac Pro
Cloning from Master to MasterClone

Scheduled clone

Click the Schedule this task... button seen above to schedule the task at the desired interval .

cloned backup internal to a Mac Pro
A scheduled clone from Master to MasterClone


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