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Wil G writes:

I used to read your blog on my Mac Pro... but now am only reading it from my iPhone.

I would hope that you are only creating content using a mobile device. If you are using one of those "work stations" you must be a dinosaur. Who the hell just "sits" somewhere and focuses on work?

You are totally missing the point of our new lives... now I can sit on a toilet AND watch YOU TUBE, when before I was only sitting on the toilet. Now I can be at dinner AND get my fantasy football highlights...AND be shopping for presents...AND be texting the people that I am at dinner with...when before I would have just been at dinner with friends.

The mathematical SUM(ation) of doing "things" AND "things" proves that mobile devices and their IOS's are productively superior... you can never say that you were walking the dog AND working on a Mac Pro... or riding the bus AND using your MAC PRO. Math proves it. IOS is the greatest productivity tool ever...any other devices (Mac Pro) should be abandoned immediately.

I have to go...James Cameron just announced that the next AVATAR film will be completely done using only an ipad and crowdsourcing and will be released exclusively on the new apple tv's that will instantly cloud it back to your iphone so you can watch it while driving in traffic.

DIGLOYD: aw heck, all I do is shit on the toilet.

USB-C Dock for 2015 MacBook

4 USB3 ports, 1 USB-C port, SD card reader, gigabit ethernet, audio ports, HDMK 4K port!


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