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No New Mac Pro Yet, Which Means What?

Mac Pro

I wrote previously End of Life for the Apple Mac Pro? Still no word from Apple.

Update Dec 5, 2011: the rumors seem to point to a new Mac Pro, but whether it will come in January or February or March remains to be seen.

We still don’t know whether Apple will release a new Mac Pro (though this article hints at a new video card), which pretty much sums up as follows— a company with so much contempt for its traditional professional base that it cannot be bothered to state whether it will or will not produce an updated Mac Pro, upon which many professionals depend, including me.

Not to pre-announce features or anything specific, but just an intent that would would allow its loyal customers to make some future plans, even if that is only to purchase an existing Mac Pro model for those needing the expansion capabilities. Reprehensible business conduct if you ask me.

So what can we Mac Pro users do? Wait and see.

Would I switch to a PC if there is no new Mac Pro? Certainly not in the next few years, Apple has me on the hook not for its hardware, but for its software (Mac OS X), at least if it’s not bastardized any further than the puerile designs and features we saw introduced with Lion.

Windows: not at this time! Investing in a virus-prone operating system like Windows, investing 40-80 hours of relearning just makes no sense— I’d rather deal with an iMac, which isn’t terrible, and would be serviceable with 32GB memory and Thunderbolt (well, I might need two of them).

In the meantime, existing Mac Pro users can go as powerful as dual 3.46 GHz 6-core processors outfitted as an MPG Pro Workstation also, so I really don’t see that there is a lack of processing power for those who must have it, along with up to 96GB memory.

See my recommended Mac systems.

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