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OWC Releases Mac-based Firmware Updater for OWC Mercury SSDs

Mac bootable updater does not require Windows OS or partitioning other brands require. (Boots using a Linux loader that goes straight into a very Mac-like GUI with point and click for easy SSD firmware update.).

OWC Mercury SSDs

I’ve written extensively on OWC Mercury Extreme solid state drives (SSDs) in many articles and blog entries on this site.

OWC SSDs are what I use in my own Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and other Macs that I use. The ONLY brand I use, because they perform, they last, they have a 5 year warranty and OWC tests their stuff extensively on Macs with great support.

And now OWC is the only SSD vendor of which I am aware that has gone to the time and expense to produce a Mac-based firmware updater:

Mac users only need to download the updater from OWC's site, obtain and burn a DVD, and then boot from that DVD to launch an easy to use, point and click GUI for installing the latest firmware revision to their OWC Mercury SSD. OWC's proprietary firmware updater, now available with support for most Mac models, can be immediately downloaded at: http://eshop.macsales.com/tech_center/OWC/SSD.

"We devoted significant resources to provide users of OWC brand SSDs effective, user friendly firmware update solutions," said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. "We're pleased to be able to offer a Mac friendly experience expected by the Mac user community, while also providing standard upgrade packages for Windows and Linux Operating System users. Our development of this solution now ensures enhanced support and rapid releases in the future for the ongoing support of our full SSD line up, regardless of our customer's preferred OS."

OWC has more details on the updater in the OWC blog.

This shows a very serious commitment to their products, and to Mac users. Why buy from a vendor for which Mac is an afterthought?

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