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Photoshop CS5 12.0.4 Upgrade Kills All But One Software License

I have a total of three (3) licensed Photoshop CS5 machines: two Mac Pros and one MacBook Pro (at one point I had 5, but those licenses died with machine upgrades and I never got them back). One license number among the machines.

The day before yesterday, I upgraded Photoshop CS5 to the recent 12.0.4 version on my main machine— no problems.

Next I upgraded on my laptop. Immediately after the upgrade, the license was now dead (“activation limit exceeded”). It had been fine immediately prior to the upgrade.

Next I upgraded my other Mac Pro, but I first verified that its license was good— it was. Immediately after the upgrade, its license was also now dead (“activation limit exceeded”).

Both machines had some minor hardware changes, but both also were working fine with good licenses prior to the upgrade. So it might be related to one-step-behind on the license scheme vs the upgrade. I’ve let Adobe know the details.

At present I am now down to one license on my main machine. Two of three Photoshop CS5 licenses are now in license-heaven over in Adobe land.

Maybe my Adobe contact can fix this so I won’t have to call Adobe India to plead for my licenses back.


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