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iPhone and Zombie Emails, Verizon iPhone

Zombie emails on iPhone
Zombie emails on iPhone

One of these years, maybe Apple will make Mobile Me work reliably so that it can sync my calendar properly, not wipe stuff out, and (the latest) not produce zombie emails that cannot be deleted.

I finally got rid of this zombie email problem by doing a “sync” that forced Mail to be wiped out on the iPhone, using the computer’s mail state.

Verizon iPhone

I wonder whether the voice quality on Verizon will be any better than it was a few years ago— I found it difficult to understand people. From what I could tell, the high frequencies just did not exist (and I tried more than one phone). No such problem with GSM phones. And I have excellent hearing in the high frequency range (never did ruin my ears with rock concerts or similar).

At any rate, no way will I buy an iPhone 4 with its reception problems. My friend’s iPhone 4 retains its miserable performance, and I need a phone to actually work well as a phone. I’ll wait for iPhone 5, keeping my iPhone 3Gs until then, and I certainly won’t trust any Apple claims about new and better until the first adopters beta test it.


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