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Final Cut Studio — How to Test?

I made the the investment today in both Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, so that I can start serving video and sound users here at MPG (getting 50% off helped seal the deal, but IMO for review Apple ought to provide free copies). I do hope the licensing scheme won’t preclude testing on the four different Mac Pros I have planned.

But while I know all about performance, I simply have no idea what tests are meaningful for Final Cut Studio users (one thing at a time— video first, then sound).

Ideally someone out there who uses this stuff can tell me at least one good test to run that will show off hardware capabilities, preferably with the content supplied with the software, so that I don’t have to go create content as well.

Contact me if you have suggestions on Final Cut Studio:

  • What are your “pain points” with Final Cut Studio?
  • What test(s) would show off a 4/6/8/12 core Mac Pro, including disk speed and memory as well.
  • Remember, I’m a newbie, so don’t start throwing around assumptions that will leave me feeling as helpless as some who is a photographer but doesn’t know what RAID is!

If you’re a Final Cut Pro user, I hope to help you here as I learn this stuff. Your support is much appreciated, in any form.


Up to 960GB of Storage!
Up to 960GB of Storage!

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