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Bookmarking the BigCharts Main Page

Last updated January 19, 2011 - Send Feedback

This discussion assumes the web site BigChart.com, which is what I use.

Bookmarking a stock is easy, but there is one key point:

Because of the way the site works (the URL), you must bookmark a BigCharts.com chart page starting at the main page.

Bookmarking the main page

If you first draw the chart, then change the symbol in the box, the URL does not contain the change, and you’ve instead bookmarked the wrong page. This is just the annoying way that BigCharts.com has worked forever.

For convenience, I bookmark the bigcharts.com main page, placing a button into my Bookmarks Bar in the browser as shown below, so that I can click on this anytime in order to go to the main bigcharts.com page.

Go to http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/, then choose Add Bookmark… from the Bookmarks menu. Name the bookmark whatever you like, I’ve called it ***New Chart***in order to visually separate it from the other items.

Using stock charting on a Mac    Using stock charting on a Mac
Adding a bookmark in Safari for the main page — name it appropriately.
Using stock charting on a Mac
Safari browser showing button in Bookmarks Bar called ***New Chart***


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